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Harvey drags a chair in from Admitting, trailed by somebody from over there calling for him, but he explains to Jackie that his husband's in respiratory failure and he needs to have a bit of a sitdown since they wouldn't let him ride in the ambulance. She chills out on him immediately and tries to figure out what's going on with the patient, name of Markus Franke. He's in a trauma room with Eleanor, so she takes Harvey in there, carrying the chair all the way.

Lunching in the park, Eddie is none too impressed with this blind date thing. Coop swears he's doing it more for Georgia's sake, and that Eddie's right up her alley. "Newsflash: I'm up a lot of girls' alleys." They both wrinkle their noses at this turn of phrase, and Eddie promises he's all good on the dating front. "But the question is, could you be better?" Good old Coop, I think this is his version of being a friend. Eddie admits that though he's seeing somebody, "Sometimes it doesn't feel like that much of a two-way street."

Coop doesn't really get that, because he has no idea there are any streets that go both ways, and then he gets a thumb up from some random guy who recognizes him from the billboards. Eddie is of course nonplussed, because Coop's entire life seems to be unconditional praise and unfair advantages. Fitch takes out his phone and just when you think he's about to motherfucking tweet about this latest thing, he surprises you again, producing a picture of Georgia from this morning. Eddie reconsiders the date, and Coop goes for a high-five that turns into a fist-bump that turns into an awkward one-man spaz-out, which is the story of Coop and Men.

Gloria informs Harvey that his chair belongs in Admitting, and Jackie tells her lightly to back off. "Did I ask him to go anywhere? Sir, did I ask you to go anywhere?" He acknowledges a bit fearfully that she didn't, and Gloria leaves again. Zoey comes immediately barreling around the corner with a cart, and giggles out an "Excuse me!" that she has to explain to the incredibly prickly and protective Jackie was an "almost bumped into you" excuse me and not a "please move" excuse me. Harvey, for no real reason -- especially since we just had this scene with the previous patient -- clears his throat, all, "Excuse me, I'm right here," and Zoey assures him that here is a perfect place for him to be. She even offers to bring him a Diet Coke or a meal tray or maybe some Ensure. Can you imagine what her cats' lives are like?

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