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Eleanor comes out to speak to Harvey, inviting him to her office -- "blocking the hallway," she explains, "Not that it matters" -- but he doesn't want to go anywhere, given that they've had 26 years of close contact so far. She takes him into the trauma room, explaining the patient's respiratory failure, and Harvey finds another nit to pick. (And again, I do totally buy it based on the strength of the performance, but it's still really hard to sit still for all this business.) "My stomach got a little... When you called him patient. How about he's Markus, until he's not?" Take it up with the AMA, sweetheart, puppydog eyes or otherwise. (Harvey looks exactly the same as he did twenty years ago, it's amazing.)

Anyway, Eleanor explains that Markus's heart wants to fail, but his defibrillator won't let it. She wants him to talk to a cardio, a Dr. Hayes, who "may or may not" bring up the idea of deactivating it. Harvey assumes Hayes is a man, which just makes the whole ACT UP thing in this episode even more confusing when both Eleanor and Jackie immediately correct him, because how do you every get anything done when you're fighting about assumptions instead of changing them? Markus isn't in pain, they confirm, and he mourns: "He has more brains asleep than Einstein had awake. For the record."

Zoey tells Jackie that Lily's out of surgery, but she doesn't really hear her. Thor yells that Sam left an empty box of gloves on the counter, and Sam goes, "When you are wrong, promptly admit it." Zoey commends him on quoting AA, and therefore being "deeply sober," and Jackie still hasn't registered that Lily's out of surgery: Now she's getting texts from Eddie about how he has a date tonight. There's the thing she's thinking about, and the thing she's not, and she'd prefer to think about the thing right in front of her. "Do what you want," she replies, and asks Harvey how he's doing, and he is of course not doing so great.

Adorable framed children's paintings line the walls of Dr. Bowen's waiting room; Kev assumes they're art by her patients. "I think it would be good to be a patient," Grace says, still pulling at her braids. Something Fiona figured out weeks ago.

Harvey quotes Rodgers & Hart at Jackie while she changes Markus's catheter: "Sing to him, each spring to him/ And worship the trousers that cling to him..." She admits she didn't recognize it. Eleanor reports that Hayes is on her way, and notes how "elegant" Markus is. From what you can see, he's a silver fox. "You think it's crazy that a guy like him would spend his life with a guy like me, huh?" Oh my God, the unending self-esteem issues of Harvey the paperhanger. Eleanor says it's not crazy, and Jackie who loves him admits she thinks it's a little crazy. He shoots her the kind of heart-melting grin that might cause Matthew Broderick to stalk you, and Hayes arrives.

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