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Gloria meets with the lawyer, but not to legalize her kidnapping: they've found the parents. If you wanna use that word. She's like, "Um, I am not handing this baby over to just anybody," and the dude's like, "That's why they are called THE PARENTS. It's a distinguishing characteristic." When Gloria points out that they left their baby on top of a random filing cabinet, he says they're just young and overwhelmed. "Barack Obama's mother was eighteen!" Gloria says, amazingly. Plus, to add insult to injury, the baby is named Dalton. I was going to say, if he was a girl that would make him a stripper, but honestly it still does.

Then it's later and Eddie's giving Jackie another one of his cosmological speeches, which always give his voice a reverential air nobody really ever gets, besides Coop when he's talking about, like, hamburgers. This time -- spurred on by Eddie's imminent departure, as tomorrow is Pyxis Day -- he's telling a "brain-exploding" story about parallel universes, using some Billy Corgan-level slippery-slope logic. It would seem, in the Harmacy, that everything is made out of atoms, which contain electrons. So far so good.

I love my man
I'm a liar if I say I don't
But I'll quit my man
I'm a liar if I say I won't

But an electron can be here and also over here, he says. Which, I know what he's talking about, it's entanglement and I've written about it more than once, but his conclusions are that if an electron can be in more than one place, then an atom, as it contains electrons, can also be in multiple places, and since Eddie and Jackie are made out of atoms, they can be in two places at once. Which she is, but he doesn't know that.

Two full Jackies, maybe more, giving 100% wherever they find themselves, and even though he's the one telling the story he won't believe it when it comes true. He thinks he's talking about their story, about moving forward into another universe, another parallel, in which they can finally be together, without secrets. He thinks his life is ending tomorrow, but a new one can begin, because they won't both be working in front of the All Saints crew, and there won't be a reason to hide. He's thinking, whether or not Gloria saves him from this, finds him a place, it won't matter because he and Jackie will have skipped through the looking-glass, into a world where they are safe, and free. He'll never understand she's already both: she's like an electron already, living in both places. Entangled.

I've been your slave
Ever since I've been your babe
But before I be your dog
I'll see you in your grave

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