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Zoey grabs her in the hallway, worrying at the thought of Mr. Everett's foot like a dog, feeling they should have done more at his last visit than give him clean clothes and a meal tray. Jackie assures her he wouldn't have been any different in the long run, but Zoey's not convinced. "Yeah, but it was just a gross little blister before, and now it's like gack. Well now it's gone, but before they cut it off it was dead. I feel terrible." Zoey reminds her that she suggested they have a doctor look at the foot last time, and Jackie straight-up denies it. Oh, Jacks.

Zoey goes through her notes and Jackie -- awesomely, but wrongfully -- says, "Zoey, I remember everything I have ever said." It's right there in Zoey's bubble-writing: "Greet & Street." Jackie leaves Zoey there with her notes, to go find Coop, whom Zoey tells her is in Exam Room #3, door locked. "That is why I don't date doctors," Zoey says firmly to herself, and Jackie forces her way into the room, where Coop is pantsless. "All fuckin' day, Coop!" she says, laughing at him in her rage. He starts to ask about the case, but she just blows him off and leaves, yelling at him about how useless he is and not even worried about the total fraud she's in the middle of perpetrating. She leaves like a hurricane and Melissa's like, "Now I remember her!"

Jackie lies to the transplant team about a thousand things, assuming it'll work out somehow, and when they ask for the attending's signature, she tells them he signed off on the time of death and whirls away again. And I mean, it's one of those nine-times-out-of-ten things where the Jackie Rules and their bendiness -- while stupid and not good -- shouldn't bite her in the ass. But you add that to the nosebleed, and the stuff coming up with Eleanor, and you see a pretty clear picture of how bad it's going to get.

The Virgin Mary, the universal mother, stares down at Jackie, snorting a line right in front of her in the pews, and she's like, "Girl, you are straight through the looking-glass," but Jackie can't hear her. She looks vacant. She looks vacated. She needs a freaking nap. She starts to bleed again, and wavers as her eyelids flutter. It's much harder to dance without feet.

Jackie makes it to Eleanor's office, who checks out her nostrils and laughs in horror. "Good Lord! What are you sticking up there? It's completely raw!" Jackie laughs and says she's already asked Kevin to get a humidifier; Eleanor tries to go back to their favorite game, where they impress each other with their naughtiness and thereby liquidate it. "Family at home, boyfriend at work, home in time for the husband!" Jackie tries to be proud. Eleanor pushes for more excitement, talking about Jackie's mad skills, and says for example that her sister in Paris is having an affair, and is crippled with guilt. Jackie nods, because her strength isn't strength and it's failing her.

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