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Baby, You're Built For Speed

For just a moment, I loved her more than Eleanor. They shit their Dickies, and she's like, "j/k, but you're both assholes." She pulls him out of her desk like a bunny in a top hat, and they gasp. The baby, who clearly loves it in there, bursts into tears the second she produces him, and hands him over to the baby children, just as soon as they sign off on a waver releasing All Saints, its employees and subsidiaries from any liability. Which is loco to the same parentis as Jackie stealing the other kid's organs, but cleaner to take care of, so maybe Gloria actually is better at being Jackie, just like she said. She and the dad lay down some tough love and promise them they'll go to jail next time, and they finally leave, having had the shit Tyler Durdened out of them for the day. Which feels good, but not as good as that baby felt in her arms, so once they're gone she's lonelier than ever.

Jackie's lost, maybe lonelier than that, staring around the nurses' station. Her eyes light on Zoey's little book she's always making notes in, and finds Zoey's page from the last time Gus was there, when he still had a foot: New socks: Yes. Doctor? No. She rips the page out of the book and slips it into her pocket. Jesus, Jackie. This is like your worst day ever. I have to say I don't really like Jackie today.

Some men like me because I'm happy
Some because I'm snappy
Some call me honey
Others think I've got money

Some say Billie, baby
You're built for speed
Now if you put that all together
Makes me everything a good man needs

In the lounge there's an old Shirley Temple movie: Jackie watches the people on the other side of the screen, dancing as fast as they can. Just like her. They dance like they've forgotten their feet altogether. For a second she thinks about perfection, and innocence; thinks about entanglement, about crossing through the looking-glass and what's on the other side. As she heads home, she asks Grace if they can take tap-dance classes together. Grace can't know what it means to her mother when she says yes. Somewhere in the complex, Gloria remembers dancing, too. It goes up like a balloon: up, up, up.

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