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Edging God Out

At Kev's bar, Fiona has an important update: "I have to tell you something! Aunt Tunie's pilot needed space!" Jackie thanks her for the info, and then is appalled by her followup: "What's a sugar daddy?" The girls had beernuts and cherries for dinner, which is adorable, and Jackie tells everybody how Tunie is staying with them for a bit. Just to rub it in his face, the functionality of their marriage, Jackie gets to say she's fine with that plan -- "We shouldn't have to check in with each other about every little thing," she says, just yankin' those strings -- and they're all a happy family again.

Further to that, Eddie's got the job! Kevin proudly tells his wife he got the call earlier, and Tunie brightens. "Eddie, that's the one you want me to go out with, right?" Jackie cocks her head and Kevin shrugs, "It's just a thought. The last one broke his heart."

Jackie just stares at him: Still fuckin' weird. But that's a deal for another time, and just like Eleanor, like Kevin, like Eddie, like the Devil, she's got plenty of time. Make me good, God. But not yet. Not for a long, long time. The last one broke his heart and Tunie's not going to be the one to put it back together, but it's still fuckin' weird.

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