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Sick as Your Secrets
, this is a case Jackie's been building since he showed up, so you don't really have to do more than she's doing. "Son of a bitch," Gloria grumbles, as Jackie stalks off with a job-well-done smile.

Jackie's wheeling head injury out of there with Suzie -- warning him that his haste to get out of there, which was a red flag none of us saw coming, means he's leaving against medical advice -- when a blonde lady comes running in, freaking out over him. "Tim! What happened to you? I just got a call from the insurance company. They're denying coverage because you didn't pay the premium? Why don't you let me pay the bills?" Ouch! She sees Suzie and starts demanding to know what's going on, and Jackie's petrified for a second, but then luckily "Tim" stands up and barfs some scary black blood, so she gets to vamoose.

"He vomited blood, passed out," she tells Coop, and checks out the kicking damage on his torso, which is getting seriously bruised. Coop, of course, immediately clambers back onto his soapbox about how this is what she really wants, because she wants everybody to hit everybody all the time. Zoey asks them to chill out, checking his monitors, while Jackie once again, in all futility, tries to explain that she's not the one that kicked Tim. "Well, you might as well have, because you're a domestic violence advocate!" Jackie points out that he is abusive to nurses, which has the extra benefit of being true, and the whole time Zoey's like taking care of the patient, his BP's dropping, they need to intubate, and Cooper's ranting -- it's the opposite of the smooth Gloria/Jackie dance that started Tim's treatment -- and screaming about how really he isn't abusive at all, compared to how much shit he wants to actually talk: "You'd be reduced to tears on a daily basis!" Finally Zoey, just exhilaratingly awesome, climbs in his face: "Dr. Cooper, pay attention! You need to pay attention!"

...And there's the boob grab.

Zoey screams and starts slapping at the offending hand, hilariously, but then unluckily Lenny appears, and immediately jumps to her defense. He shoves Coop back -- just like Tim did to Suzie, when she was attacking him -- and Coop reacts with a punch to the face. Which is not only the ultimate irony, given Coop's belief that we should turn the other cheek or risk moral uncertainty, but also puts the larger issue on shout: It's not hitting women that's the issue, it's treating them like objects. Whether that's a punching bag or a boob-haver, there is no difference. To Coop, there is a difference, because he relies on silly sayings in lieu of having actual thoughts or taking any kind of inventory. It's also very, very funny.

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Nurse Jackie




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