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Flashlight Tag

Which is fine, because now Jackie can call her secret husband and tell him to go get their secret daughter out of hell. There's something so ominous and domino-effecty about this moment, like, you can almost see how all it would take is for Coop to run to Eddie with this information -- because that's what he does, because so far Eddie is the only thing that gives him any kind of power over Jackie at all, not that he knows why -- and then, somehow, Eddie and Eleanor and Gloria and Coop all sort of fall in this heap and it catches on fire and Jackie's drug abuse somehow gets discovered and then I don't know. It just seems like we've been standing on the edge of something scary all this time, and now it's like this one moment of lost control is the thing that could take it all apart. Like you can feel the beehive before you see the beehive, sort of rumbling in your sternum.

Zoey drives her very large non-drug seeker victim through the ER on a gurney, eventually rolling over Sam the Temp's foot. She's like, "I just rolled a huge man over your foot. Didn't that kill?" She shines her penlight into his eyes, confirms that he is out of it completely, and nods to herself. When he asks her what the heck that was for, she thinks fast and says, in a very Zoey fashion, "Flashlight tag! You're it!" Zoey makes me feel like I'm on drugs when I'm not on drugs, so I can't imagine how confusing she'd be if you were fucked up. Or maybe she makes more sense that way.

Eleanor meets Jackie at a restaurant -- "and on my day off no less; I am marvelous" -- and when Jackie explains the day she's having, Eleanor's first response is to once again offer her a cigarette. Jackie asks her not to tempt her, and points out that you can't smoke in a restaurant, but the Eleanor Effect comes into play and she explains that they're all too afraid to call her out on it. Because New Yorkers are a timid bunch when it comes to second-hand smoke.

Jackie tells the story about Gracie on the phone, scratching at herself like a madwoman: "I can't stand when she cries like that. This whole thing is scaring the shit out of me." Eleanor points out that she seems really angry, too, and Jackie gets a scared and scary look in her eyes, but Eleanor's impassive enough that Jackie actually finds the time to take inventory, and is surprised -- and grossed out -- to learn that Eleanor is correct. "Fucking A. What kinda mother gets angry at her kid for crying?"

Not to mention that Coop knows more about her life than either of them are comfortable with, to which Eleanor makes a very appreciated yee face. But out of all the women, Eleanor's the only one currently not hiding a baby from her coworkers, so how could she understand?

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