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Flashlight Tag

Which is correct. You've established a home for your daughter that does not feel safe. The person eclipsing the sun is you. It's not that children are "resilient," that's bullshit: it's that children, no matter how badly you break them, are closer to remembering what wholeness felt like. Work your shit out, and Grace will be fine. We inherit our disguises, but only as long as we need them. Then the work is letting them go again. It's flashlight tag, when you look somebody in the eyes and hope they know you love them enough to hear the truth.

A massively gay waiter approaches to tell them off for smoking, but sees that it's Dr. O'Hara, and scampers away again. Meanwhile, Eddie is taking Coop to task for gossiping, but Coop points out that he's not really, since Eddie is like his only friend, and Eddie does that slow-burn hostility thing that gives me the meemies and tells him to get his feet off the fucking furniture.

Zoey walks in on Jackie snorting the grains from that packet earlier, and then pees and moans and gets chatty in the next stall. "Don't worry, I didn't see your vajudy or anything," she says, and Jackie goes, "Zoey. You can't talk to me while you're peeing." Heh. She chews the rest of the grains so Zoey won't hear her, and they are bitter. At the sinks you can see their choreography, the way Jackie hands her paper towels to dry her hands without even looking, and asks if Zoey's eaten anything.

Zoey brings up Sam, who she thinks is on a bunch of valium or halcyon. Jackie tells her to never narc unless she's absolutely sure, and there's not a lick of that creepy pride Zoey gets sometimes, just a professional assessment: "His pupils are contracted, glassy and nonresponsive to the light I shined directly into his eyes after I rolled over his foot with a large man on a gurney. He didn't feel it." Jackie admits that was a nice catch, and swallows her drugs. I know the whole point is that Zoey's not seeing the thing in front of her face, but it's still nice to see her blossoming into herself, and see Jackie acknowledge it.

Sam's "making up a bed," which means skating his hands across the surface over and over with a fascinated, trippy air, and Jackie nods and goes to take care of it, but Mo-Mo appears with coffee in hand and gives him one. She takes Mo-Mo aside and bitches at him for bringing coffee to a very fucked-up nurse. "Shh!" he says. "Like you've never seen that before?" He reminds her about a cokehead girl they used to work with from Lenox Hill, and she's like, "Whatever!" He talks about how addiction's a disease, and she waves that right the fuck off -- "No. Cancer is a disease." -- and finally says she's just jealous about the coffee, to make Mo-Mo laugh.

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