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Any Change Toward Improving One's Nature

Immediately thereafter, she runs into Coop outside: He throws himself on her, once she makes the mistake of asking if he's okay in the wake of the divorce, and sobs all over her horrified self. Soon enough, he straightens his back and braves it out: "You know what I'm gonna do now? I'm gonna heal some shit." He sniffs it back and pops his shades back on, leaving her in eloquent and hilarious silence.

At the diner, Fiona's on the phone telling her all kinds of things when the Devil comes in. He gives her the drugs in a thirty-day chip's commemorative box; it will be a long engagement. The chip belonged to a client who didn't quite make it. "I'm rooting for you," he grins.

He listens. He doesn't fix.

They finish up Lou's glasses and she takes them to his nurse. No need to see his face again, now. The last thing he did was smile. It was beautiful.

She drops the chip in one pocket just as an exterminator walks by.

"Rats," Jackie says. They listen and they steal and the hide in the places you don't have to look at. They need to be exterminated. The pills go in the other pocket, and she heads back home.

He helps you find the bottom, and when you've found the bottom he hands you a shovel, and that's the way to come back to life. He burns out everything that makes you God, little king of your little kingdom, all the back-up plans and secret stashes, until nothing else is left but you and your fear. Turned outward, it is anger. Turned inward, it is death. Take the impossible step of turning to face it, and letting it burn you: You'd have to be a saint. You'd have to be as strong as Lou.

The Devil is a salesman, too. He listens, but he doesn't fix. That's the fix: When you have no moves, no actions left to play. "You'd better hope I never let it all out," we say. It just seems lonely.

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