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Jackie screams, "Zoey! What makes you think I would want to talk about that with no shirt on?" The literal-minded -- and still present! -- Zoey reminds Jackie she said to get back to her, and Jackie reminds her to GTFO, and she does so (without neglecting to sweetly tell the tickled-pink Eddie goodbye), finally, and Eddie waves bye-bye in response. "Laugh or cry?" Jackie says, honestly flummoxed, and he laughs. She collapses on top of him, weirded out beyond the telling.

While they deal with a hunger-striking Italian priest, Zoey tells Jackie they are cute together. "I am not afraid to kill you in front of a priest," she says with a smile, and Zoey chills out. Apparently the guy hasn't eaten for nine days, because he's worried about his parish. "Can I say something? You're too old too fast." She asks him to at least take a cup of soup, for her, and he laughs: "I will disappoint God!" the priest explains, like Nurse Jackie gives a shit about that today.

Jackie tells the priest that she has a special dispensation -- "God and I are like this," she says, and somewhere He's like, "Yeah, she reminds me to take My meds" -- and Zoey watches him slowly give in and adorably agree to eat a little soup for her, in her bastard Italian and his bastard English. "Et voila! Zoey says about something annoying, and they both think about how she's sort of unbearable. "French," she explains, desperate for whatever it is that Zoey is always so bleedingly desperate for, and they nod.

Then it's later and Jackie's shaking her head because I guess he reneged on the soup. "He's afraid God will punish him," Zoey reminds herself. "Personally I don't think God punishes us, what about you." (She says this in a great administrative voice, like they're at a PBS round table on Sunday morning or one of those child-enriching unlikely conversations they used to have on Zoom!, like tweens sit around going, "So guys, what do you think about cheating on tests? I am against it." Well. Little Zoey Brakow probably did do that, because she saw on it on TV and thought it was how people act, because "How People Act" is just not a chapter she's ever going to read.)

Obviously Jackie doesn't think God punishes people, not only because that's what free will and other people are for, but because a little deeper than that she believes she would have been hit by lightning one dozen times just on her way to work today. But speaking of self-hatred... "Zoey, what you walked in on was very, very private," she explains, and Zoey tries to reassure her that she has "no judgment," which is not at issue, because like Zoey or anybody else can "have judgment" about Jackie Peyton, but Zoey's not listening because she wants to bond in whatever gross way she can: "I went to second with my manager at Burger King, so I get it." I can't remember if they've actually said Zoey is from Florida or if I just made it up, but either way that's an even shorter, even more amazing novel than the text messages, and I want nothing to do with it.

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Nurse Jackie




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