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Anthony and Christopher

Neither does Jackie, who carefully explains that she didn't ask about that, and did not ask Zoey to share with her, while in contrast she did not share the Eddie information with Zoey by choice at all. So Zoey is not returning the favor by sharing information Jackie doesn't want to know, because that's creating two problems where before there was only one problem.

"Got it. We're professionals!" I get scared when Zoey uses words she doesn't understand, like, now I'm picturing her with a black suit like Romy & Michelle all, "You know how some places have like a lunch special? For businesswomen?" Jackie tells her to take more food to the padre and to make sure he understands that liquid meals don't, for the purpose of God, count as "food," and in return Zoey offers her a breakfast bar or something, and Jackie's not interested, and she goes, "Right. NO SHARING!" with a hilarious ogre face before running off.

Good one, Zoey. I love this show because there are like 50 characters, and whichever one is onscreen you're like, "That's the most interesting character I've ever seen! How did they do that? And plus find the most perfect actor for this... No, wait, that is the most interesting character I've ever seen. No, wait..."

"Zoey walked in on me and Eddie," Jackie says from Eleanor's doorway, and she goes predictably insane (and grateful), and she goes on, per their earlier convo: "And I kissed Coop." Eleanor loses the ability to breathe, so whoopingly joyful is she, and Jackie nods proudly. "Thought you'd like that."

Jackie hangs out on the chapel pews with Mo-Mo. I wish they did that more often, it's like the only time you get to catch your breath. He asks if she found her ring, and what it looked like. "Simple. Just a ring. Had it a long time." He pronounces this "heartbreaking" and tells her to pray to St. Anthony. "I've lost so much stuff oh my God," he says cuter than he's ever said anything. But it's not Anthony she needs, it's Christopher. Anthony's good for things that have gone missing, but she knows exactly where the ring is -- "Pretty sure it's gone," she says -- and what it means. Christopher tells you in stories that the world was never dangerous: home is exactly where you left it. In all the whirling madness of the dangerous world, Christopher brings you home.

"So let me pray to St. Anthony," he says, and she thanks him with Catholic manners. "I want to find your ring, because I want to do one good thing today." If he does one good thing a day, Mo-Mo says -- Mo-Mo the nurse, Mo-Mo who shocked the cardiac patient and had no effect -- he can feel good about himself. "Believe me, it's harder than it sounds. Plus I've got lot of bad shit to make up for." She scoffs to herself, but says in a strong and lovely voice that brooks no protest, "I don't believe you, Mohammad." He giggles and says that's just because she's a good person, and can't imagine his crimes. She holds her ring finger and says sadly, "I've gotta go, honey." She walks out of the church, cradling the broken ring in her hands.

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