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Jackie takes the hammer into the bathroom again, and sits on the floor against the door. Grace could have just given Fiona one of her balloons, and that would have been a good thing. But Jackie doesn't understand that any more than Grace does, so she aims, breathing, and breaks her finger. Right where the ring should be. The pain floats up past her head and into the sky. She weeps in pain, and shame.

Zoey's at the nurses' station when Jackie comes out of the bathroom, holding her hand stiffly and asking for Dr. O'Hara; she puts off Zoey's concern easily, and since Eleanor's left for the day, she asks for Coop instead. Then it's later, and he's fixing it sweetly. She tells him pointedly and softly that she appreciates the help, and he grins. "It's what I do." She apologizes for the whole thing earlier -- "lotta tension flying around" -- and copping to her exquisitely mean gambit. "I'm keeping the kiss," he smiles, and she rolls her eyes, promising to kill him if he takes this to Eddie like he does everything else. "How stupid do you think I am? Don't answer that." She admits he's not a bad guy, and he shoots the puppydogs at her: "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

Zoey's headed home, quietly sympathetic about the finger and apologetic about walking in on them. "It's okay," Jackie says, "It's over with." It's never over. Zoey says she finally got the priest to eat, and asks -- wearing an adorable and very Zoey pink coat -- if Jackie wants her to wait up. She sends her on her way, and pulls out Chris's mail and her book of stamps.

Jackie watches Chris's mail go down the chute and wonders if that's her one good thing. She breaks into a ball change, tries to remember to dance, right there on the street. She cheers herself, thinking about home. Chris's phone rings, and she answers, and tells the person calling the whole story. Over the silent credits of a million mothers and daughters' twirling, dancing feet, Jackie brings Christopher home.

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