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But since this is all on the level just beneath the skin, and because Jackie lives on top of the skin, always, it's like Eleanor called her a piece of shit behind her back, inside her head, under the skin. And there's a level on which that's true, but it's much more true that Eleanor couldn't have known she was stepping on any landmines, because they've always connected about how they both live on the skin, on the surface of things, so a conversation about how little Jackie's adultery signifies was supposed to be more glue on their relationship, not this huge fucking problem. Anything can be a weapon when the world turns dangerous.

And when you realize that you are dealing with somebody's demon, which she is accidentally but now obviously doing, all you can do is step back one giant step back and say Mother May I, because you have to demonstrate that your love is bigger than their fear. Not "I love you to the diameter of this thing that is hurting you," but just a little wider than that. You use your love to make the world big enough for them to move around again, and not feel so caged up. Hopefully they come back to you, maybe they don't, but either way the problem already happened, and neither of you were prepared, so you might as well be good, and remind them where home is.

Anyway, Jackie stares into space, impassive and mean, and neither of them really know why, and Eleanor, waiting for the smile, tells her if she keeps pouting her face will freeze like that. The smile doesn't come. But then Eleanor sees the wedding ring on her finger, and hisses -- "Ring, Jacks" -- before walking away. Which is another way of drawing the circle, especially if you're talking about an addict: if you can demonstrate your usefulness, that dramatically raises your score automatically. Jackie covers her hand, asking about the magazines and random shit, and they both smile, tiny smiles, as she keeps walking: "Peace offering."

Jackie works at the ring for a second, but Eddie of course immediately appears, so she shoves her ring finger in her armpit and acts totally spazzy. "Brr, right?" It's the only time besides Paula's farewell toast that we've seen her do anything besides be A) scary competent or B) scary mad, which makes it even funnier than it would be. And sadder. Eddie tells her to get a sweater and then they talk about her coming to the Harmacy to visit him in what he thinks is a sexy code and she normally can accept on some level as sexy code but right now is totally weird, and then he leaves and Zoey appears behind her talking in a weird, frenzied hush -- "Notification: ETA three minutes, cardiac arrest" -- that causes her eyes to pop open.

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