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There's a beautiful woman in the chapel hall with a giant bouquet of white flowers whom Jackie remembers, after a bit of prompting, as "Fitch's girlfriend," Melissa. Jackie immediately asks after her mother, and she rolls her eyes: "She's having a third of her colon removed, but I'm the one who's a wreck!" Which deserves sympathy, compassion, but she doesn't know from a wreck. I'd like to see her sister next week, when mom goes into the hospital. So then who are the flowers for? Why, Coop of course. "How's my lady!" he smarms, kissing her, and they giggle and are super creepy and weird for a bit.

Coop drags Jackie down toward a junction in the hall, asking about the donor he never certified last week, which the transplant team ratted her out about. Jackie lies and says they're only bothering him to close the insurance paperwork, that everything's fine, but he will not be calmed! He starts talking about the legalities and Jackie points out that they didn't need the family's consent anyway, but he's troubled by the idea that the family will freak out because he "told them to take a beating heart" out of somebody's body without proof of brain death. Which may or may not be true, even, but Jackie's still right that saying it that way is just ridiculously dramatic. But if you think you've seen drama you don't know Fitch Cooper. "I will turn on you so fast it'll make your head spin," he spits out of a sort of spiraling craziness, and she grins, telling him to be careful: "You'll scare your 'girlfriend'!" She waves goodbye to Melissa and grins at Coop, and leaves.

Which, of course, means that Coop has his pick of two really useful options: grab Jackie's boob, or rat her out in some way to Eddie. These are like his only coping mechanisms, because he's scared to death of her, because she's always right. And even if he's right in this case, she's still a little more right in the larger sense. So, knowing that, Jackie of course grabs a hammer, strolling nervously through the ER, and crushes up another pill. Out in the hallway she's got a spring in her step and the wide eyes of somebody tripping balls, and Eddie sort of floats pink-elephantishly into her vision and bugs her again about coming to see him. He notes the gloves and when she says she's on urine sample duty he asks if she can't just delegate, and she grins like the most adorable druggie of all time, which is what she is: "But it's the highlight of my day!"

And breaks into a run, just around the corner, the better to find Eleanor on the phone and jokingly snarking at her to knock first. "Favor?" Only if she's not angry anymore, Eleanor says. I love how her feelings about Jackie are so simple and clear and obvious, it's one of the most admirable things about her. She loves Jackie, it really is that simple, and not in some kind of shallow "I choose the surface way": she's a force of nature in her way as well. She likes things to be easy and lovely, and she likes Jackie, and those are the Things Eleanor Likes. So she can say, "Stop being mad at me," and there's no manipulation or anything behind it: she would like you to stop being mad at her right now, and that is the sum total of what she means by that statement.

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