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And of course Jackie can only toss the whole thing over at this point with an "Oh, please." It's incredibly difficult for people to deal with statements like that, especially if you come across as being more complex than you actually are, because they fill in the blanks with the most dastardly things. But it's good to remember that there are people -- smart people, people with sophisticated viewpoints, but people who fall closer to the ET side than the IF side of the old Meyers-Briggs -- who divide the world into (1) people they love and (2) people who are irrelevant, and to trust them when they say so, because it's a bit like suddenly remembering you're not wearing pants when that shit comes up and you have to talk about it at all.

"For the record," Eleanor says as she makes ready to cut the ring off with a bone saw or something, "I'm questioning your judgment." So that's one, in the whole world. Good deal. "Duly noted," Jackie says, and Eleanor asks how she's going to explain this. "I can't say I lost it," Jackie says, trying to elucidate her bizarre train of thought here: it would mean she didn't care enough to notice it was gone. As usual, Jackie's poor behavior makes more sense than we can really acknowledge. Eleanor chides her for wiggling and being jittery, since she's medicated up to her eyeballs, and Jackie changes the subject. Unless the subject is Jackie Peyton's Questionable Judgment, of course, because then she's just following the natural shape of the conversation.

"Oh, Coop is on a tear!" She starts, explaining how she has once again cut corners with a potential donor, "potential" here being code for "Jackie says." Eleanor asks if she did anything illegal, which she did, and if she could be fired, which she could -- "Strangely I'm okay with that?" she notes -- but the only problem here, being that this was a typical organ-thieving Monday for Jackie, is that Coop now has something to hold over her head, which they both know by now is to Coop what Percocet is to Jackie.

"I would dress him down, but he'd get grabby and wreck a perfectly good bra." Heh. Eleanor reminds Jackie that she's a smart girl and already knows what to do: "If anyone knows how to drive him round the bend, it's you." True enough. "Speak now, or forever hold your peace," Eleanor says, and saws through the ring. Now, you know I think marriage is gay and gives you cancer, in addition to being the millennial Whites Only water fountain, but damn. That is an image.

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