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I Didn't Come Here Alone

Then it's later, and Kevin's calling about some school conference that is apparently a bigger deal than they thought. She pushes her chair back, sighing, and gets ready to leave. In the restroom, she lays out foundation on a mirror, and applies it to her face, getting ready for the next bomb to drop. How often does she do this, put on real-world makeup like this? A face to meet the faces that you meet; Eleanor does it every day. She puts a cardigan over her scrubs and tries not to think about what they're going to say: that her daughter is unraveling and they can't believe she hasn't noticed. But if she noticed, they'd all go down. So she puts makeup on her face and a cardigan over her scrubs. She doesn't change out of her scrubs, because they represent a kind of power. She combs her hair ever more starkly and heads out again.

Jackie doesn't even see Eddie walking past until he grabs her. "Hey you," he says, in the voice of every boy who doesn't know if he's your boyfriend yet. She lies and says she's going to the dentist, and he offers to take her several times -- he's gotten an extra helmet for his bike, just in case he is her boyfriend; he hopes she doesn't think that's why -- but she puts him off. If he can't give her a ride, then what? "Are you in pain?" Her eyebrows rise; she considers it before she even notices she's doing so. "Dentist's only gonna give you ibuprofen, I got the good stuff..." She declines. "See you, tough guy," he says, and she grins, and puts on her wedding ring as he's passing between a nun and a giant Virgin Mary. It's pathetic only insofar as, only by comparison to, the things we've never done to be loved. Or the things we've not yet done.

Mo-Mo watches the mom and Justin, talking about things. Zoey appears with more of her unanswerables. "You think it's true what they say about twins? That they can read each other's minds? Feel each other's pain?" He does, and he knows. "I'm a twin." He corrects: "I was a twin." She throws herself on him in instant compassion, in floppy Zoey mercy, and he shoves her away lightly. "Chica, never do that. Never think you should feel sorry for me. I get the aww thing and immediately I want to eat three sleeves of Oreos." That, she gets.

"He died when we were a year old," Mo-Mo offers, and she frowns sadly. "See, now I want to say I'm sorry again." He gets it, but keeps watching the family. "Do you remember him?" He reflects. "You know, I do. I remember being with someone, you know? Like I came into the world with someone. I didn't come here alone, so. You know. Being alone-alone is hard for me. It doesn't feel bad, it just feels... wrong." It should feel like Thor, you idiot.

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