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Kevin's relieved, until Sarah grabs a camera and throws down some reportage. "...And it's been a bloody afternoon here in Queens. But residents seem optimistic that everything will soon return to utter chaos..." Eleanor giggles; Kevin stews. He doesn't hate them for any other reason than he always hates Eleanor: She's better than him. She's Jackie's. She's part of Jackie's better life, and lives the way he never could; she can give Jackie things without thinking twice that he can never give her. Her existence is a condemnation in a way that mere jealousy doesn't cover, and she knows it, and he hates that she knows it, because it makes him small and mean, but he can't help himself. He's a bartender. They even saved his little girl. Grace watches, fussing with her hair, taking on one more person's pain.

"So next weekend we'll take Fiona's tonsils out on the porch?" Eleanor giggles again, getting out of the car at All Saints: "You're welcome." Sarah gets a call while they kiss and discuss dinner -- she calls dessert "pudding," which cracks Sarah up -- and while Eleanor heads inside, Jackie lingers. There's a bell going off somewhere, as she recognizes Sarah for one of her own. A cheater, or a liar, or a person with more than one life. Something shifty in the eyes. "I can't listen to every single voicemail that you leave me," you can barely hear her saying. "Sweetie, what am I supposed to do? Come on."

Zoey fidgets with her tiny gold crucifix, finally absent-mindedly popping it into her mouth. "Are you praying?" Thor asks, concerned, and she flails before not-quite-admitting it. Why? "Um, because your lips are moving and you're wearing a cross?" Zoey says that, firstly, she made a deal with God that "If I wasn't pregnant I would make some serious changes in my life and my work. And my appearance," she says, indicating her ponytail. But also, her lips move when she reads. When Lenny approaches, she praises his goatee, and he stares at her for a second, surprised, before she takes off. Sam and Thor encourage him to finally follow up: That was some heat, considering the source, and besides, she's not pregnant after all, so he's got a shot.

Gloria nervously accompanies an EMT with an old bitch on a gurney who won't get off her phone. It's weird to see her worried. She threatens the EMT and then barks a summons at Eleanor and Jackie: "Both of you. Now. Libby. Sussman." They jump into action, and Thor makes fun of Sam for not knowing who she is: "Hello? The Sussman Foundation? The Sussman Cardiovascular Institute? The Sussman Surgical Theater? Do you read any of the plaques around here?" Sam giggles. "You said Sussman like twelve times!" Thor is beside himself.

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Nurse Jackie




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