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Can you imagine meeting Fiona Peyton and Zoey Barkow in the same day? You would literally lose all sense of reality.

Gloria crawls all over Libby's wallet while they work on her, and Libby pretty much straight up says that it depends on how much they kiss her ass whether she's willing to take a million bucks from the Children's wing for the ER. Gloria is comfortable with that, and more willing to kiss ass than anyone alive. Gloria offers to make a deli run for her, and Jackie's left alone with Libby. She tries to apologize for Gloria, but Libby's more pissed about the blood she's taking for her tests. "I never take more than I can use," she says, and turns to leave. Libby Sussman actually snaps her fingers at Jackie's back and orders her to bring her purse, so Jackie kindly explains that she will not be snapping at her from now on. And then, without skipping a beat, Libby asks Jackie to open her compact for her. She does, grudgingly, thinking along the lines of, "Your ancient arthritic fingers can snap at me like a fucking dog, but can't seem to force open your Elizabeth Arden all-in-one? I hope you die ugly."

Jackie comes upon Sarah at the snack stand, around the corner from the Virgin, telling whoever's on the phone that she is literally right this second in Tehran, and that she's still not interested in listening to this person's voicemails, baby: "I leave you pretty fucking interesting messages, so of course you listen to mine!" Sarah remains cool on discovering Jackie behind her, and smoothly complains of a work crisis: Could she tell "Ellie" she'll be back after her shift?

Jackie gives her the eye, but then answers her own phone. It's Eddie, calling to bug her, and she says she'll call him back. "Oh, you're calling me back. Are we doing this now?" Jackie, awesomely, goes, "I don't know what we're 'doing,' right now I am working." She hangs up, and Coop walks by snapping rubber bands angrily, maybe angrier than we've ever seen him. Libby Sussman, protect your breasts!

Zoey wanders the supply room, talking angrily to herself about how she can't find the right syringes to give Sarah the antibiotics she needs, and then finally summons Sam in there like a distracted bizarre whirlwind and lectures him, amazingly and at length, about how this room needs to stay, "like, Container Store organized." Or else they are -- channeling Gloria -- all completely screwed. And so where are the 19-gauge needles? In the bin marked "Tongue Depressors," he says, locating them instantly. She spazzes out a whole lot more, still very Gloria, and then leaves him there to fix everything up, because the countdown has started. Out in the hall, she gives Sarah a weird little gesture and heads over to the bathroom with her.

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Nurse Jackie




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