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After a second of strutting and big-bopper music, Thor lunges at her, begging to talk about boys without her judging. She looks at Jackie, who has just cut off her path to the bathroom, and then with a long-suffering martyrdom gives him leave to babble. Long on stuttering, short on info, and he drones off into oblivion.

Jackie gives Eleanor the message, and then admits that it sounded somewhat like she was talking to Eleanor herself at the time. "Yeah, well, one in every port," Eleanor says, a bit brittle, and Jackie looks sidelong at her. "I'm just saying," she starts, and Eleanor throws her hands wide: "Well, yeah, I know. I know." She walks off, feeling stupid and embarrassed in front of her friend, after all that giggling and planning and kissing and hugging and Silly String, that her relationship is maybe no more real than any of the others. Jackie just wants to hate Sarah, like she did the other day.

Jackie grabs Zoey, who has just won free of Thor, to wait for cab outside with an old lady in a wheelchair. Zoey sighs, and goes to the bathroom to wash her hands. She hurls herself against the door, once through it, startling Sarah once again. "Okay. I have to get a cab. I'll be right back. If someone comes in, just tell them you're here to go to the bathroom." Her naked yearning to impress Sarah, to impress Eleanor, to be a part of something, but more than anything: To be totally awesome. She deserves like one day where she's actually cool.

Outside, Lenny asks what she's doing later, and Zoey -- mind on her mission -- says darkly, "It's safer if you don't know." He laughs, and she goes on. "Last week I thought I'd be living in my parents' rec room with a newborn, so I'm feeling like I should grab everything by the balls, but it's confusing because I don't think I'm really a ball grabber? I don't know." The old lady and Lenny stare at her, she notices him. "Why are you listening? What do you want?" He asks her to dinner, and she agrees but only on the way to leaving him there with the old lady -- "I've got some shit to take care of" -- and when they're alone, even the old lady can't quite deny the charm of Lenny as he celebrates, kneading her shoulder with delight.

Coop is taking his rage out on a whiner, whose fingernail is like really troubling. He asks Sam -- "attractive man to attractive man" -- what he should do about being undermined because of his looks. Sam demurs several times, but finally admits that he thinks you should smile and tell people to go fuck themselves, which is the wrong answer because it's Coop and he is crazy. Coop nods once, brightly, and heads off after warning the man to bring his own cuticle clippers to his manicure, like Coop does.

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