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Jackie surprises Zoey sneaking back into the bathroom, using the eyes in the back of her head. Zoey throws her arms wide and goes into something out of a Warner Bros. cartoon, and even Jackie has to laugh. "Really, Zoey: What the hell." Zoey lies about a "bladder infection," and Jackie rolls her eyes, and they come in together. Sarah is none too happy to see Jackie, because A) She can't roll her like she could Zoey and B) This means that Jackie literally does know everything that happens, everywhere. Which, cheater to cheater, is a terrible thing to figure out. Zoey gives Jackie the rundown on the spider bite, and Jackie gets rid of her, taking the supplies she'd quote "pinched" earlier.

Jackie checks it out, and goes into pro mode: "Well, I can give you two shots in one cheek and you'll be sitting funny, or I can give you a shot in each cheek and you won't be sitting at all." They get into a stall and Jackie gets the stuff ready. Sarah knows better than to drag it out, and admits that she's been in the US for two whole weeks, with somebody else, and didn't call. Jackie gets it: "The questions would make you feel awful." Sarah doesn't exactly want her agreeing, and declares that Eleanor knows about all this, whether she talks about it or not.

"As if she isn't running around with some boy half her age?" Jackie warns her, very kindly, that Eleanor is her friend, and Sarah nods. It's a nice little moment -- Jackie is home for Eleanor, whatever else they are to each other, and even this little meeting is a bit weird without her -- because it isn't about power, for just a second. "It's not like I don't love her," Sarah says before the second shot. Jackie gets that too. It's not about love, it's about keeping a space to breathe. Something to yourself, so you don't get swallowed.

"I'm tired of people walking in and out of here. Don't you knock?" Jackie informs Libby Sussman that they don't knock, no, and that she'll be discharged soon. She tells her to call her driver, and Jackie reminds that this is also not her job. Before they can get into that little corner of hell with each other, Coop comes running in, practically still crying, and yells at her about how he's a doctor, a good-looking doctor, but that she has no right to discredit him in front of his people. Thereby discrediting him in front of his people, even if it's only Jackie and she already can't stand him. Her look at this point is priceless, like, "At least the old bitch isn't bothering me about her purse right now, but on the other hand if the hospital closes we're all fired, but I'm still going to wait and see what happens, because this is awesome." Her mouth goes o.

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Nurse Jackie




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