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"I Am The Least Of My Problems."

Zoey asks who she misses from her "foreign land," and without pause Eleanor nods: "The Queen." Then she pays for Zoey's snacks, which causes Zoey to wig out and act all squirrelly, and then she beeps Zoey's nose adorably, and disappears. Zoey nods at the guy, "She's my friend." Which is so great and I love that Zoey is becoming a person finally, but that sense of doom is A) Not going away with all this cuteness and B) This scene -- Eleanor's generosity both emotional and financial, Zoey's gratitude and sense of Eleanor's innate wondrousness -- could provide a damningly serious counterpoint to things if, say, Jackie totally fucks Eleanor over. (Again.)

Marco Prince's wife asks Jackie to cancel his MRI. "We can't afford it. It's not like anyone can fix it. He's not sick-sick, he's got early-onset dementia. He was a linebacker... He's not 6'5" and he's not 300 pounds, so he's fast. And tough as shit. I could wallpaper my bathroom with MRIs, we don't need another one. I know what his brain looks like." I think at this point Jackie falls a little bit in love with Mrs. Prince.

I also think there's something here, an echo I'm not quite catching, having to do with Jackie's fear of "seeing the damage" and her reluctance to get an MRI, and how the lady's saying "I know what his brain looks like." Maybe it's just that the Princes are functional people -- with problems, with which they deal -- who can look at an MRI without flinching. That can work around the damage, can deal with the damage and not tear all their hair out, because they're not ignoring the damage.

(Even if the damage in Grace Peyton's case comes down to us through a lineage of unlooked-at damages going way back, like dominos, through the secrets and then the addiction and then maybe something beyond that, none of which Jackie is interested in dealing with -- in addition to the actual back damage she pretends she's dealing with -- isn't something you can even look at if you wanted to, because it's such a scribbled over palimpsest of nastiness and scabbed-over nightmares and scars. No wonder Jackie can't go a day without harassing Grace's therapist.)

Speaking of harassing, Coop wants to eat Quizno's in the pharmacy with Eddie so bad! He wants to "kick it old school" so bad! And Eddie's like, "You can't turn back the hands of time, Coop." Which is funny, because isn't that why you're like here? No, he's gotta bounce. He has plans. Hopefully with cute Georgia. Coop runs to the nurse's station -- He wouldn't! Would he? -- but Lenny's already there, asking Zoey to lunch. She wigs; Jackie lies and steps in to "help," as Zoey begs sotto voce, "a sister out." Will Eleanor get a grinder with Eleanor? "As wildly tempting as a grinder sounds, I have far too much respect for Zoey to horn in on her territory."

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