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"I Am The Least Of My Problems."

Coop offers to have lunch with Lenny, and he's not interested. Coop asks Thor to lunch, and Gloria zooms past: "No lunch for Thor today. He needs to drop some of that weight." Thor points out that he's standing right there, and she doesn't even stop. "Still need to drop some of that weight!" Dude, I would have lunch with Coop every day if he were real. All you have to do is ask him about some stupid thing and then turn your brain completely off. Boom, suddenly it's an hour later and you've had a lovely meal with a pretty little chatterbox? That sounds as relaxing as a midday nap. "So Coop, tell me about motorcycles."

Marco is stressing out pretty major, explaining it in a heartbreaking way: "You break your arm, you're still you. You break your brain, and you're not you anymore." There was a live-in caretaker at one point (aha!) and now they're just sort of poor. I think this is the big line of this scene, maybe the whole episode: "I don't know where I go. Because I don't want to leave. But I do, and I don't know why. I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful life. It's slipping off my plate. Every day, a little more." Maybe she saw more in his eyes than his humanity, the second they wheeled him in. Maybe she saw a lot more. Mrs. Prince nods up at her, almost imperceptibly: She can feel him go.

Jackie joins Eddie at the pharmacy, stressed about the Princes, and promises him things are going to be different. You can't turn back the clock. He grins, that rogue grin, and asks why things have to change. "Eddie," she says warningly, and he doesn't back down. Zoey appears. "Remember that time when I walked in on you guys...?" Yes, that's precisely the most appalling thing you could have said, Zoey. Of course Jackie runs away so fast she's like a blur, but Eddie is tickled. He is tickled in such a cute way that it makes me like him more again.

Outside Zoey thanks Jackie for having lunch with her, and goes into some long drawn-out thing that you can tell Jackie sort of knew she was signing on for but also sort of prayed was just her paranoia speaking: "Lenny is so nice to me. Much, much, much nicer than I am to him." Right, because he likes you. Jackie knows this one by heart. "Yes. I am aware of that, which is why I've called this meeting. Clearly, we have sizzling chemistry. Obviously." (This scene is just incandescent which is why I'm quoting everything, it's just great. Both ladies' acting, the eyebrows launching into the air, Zoey's weird accents, it's all so great.) Jackie acknowledges both that their chemistry is not obvious, but that it doesn't matter if Zoey feels it. "Get to your point," she finally says, and Zoey continues to talk in Zoey circles. The point is, should she hook up with him or not?

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Nurse Jackie




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