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"I Am The Least Of My Problems."

Gloria tries to convince Mrs. Prince to divorce her husband, so that her assets and income won't interfere with his Medicaid benefits. Mrs. Prince is appalled that former superhero Jackie has brought her to hear Akalitus say such things, and Jackie just goes, "She's been fucking the system for thirty years. I would listen to her." I love Gloria being a person.

Gloria explains that she doesn't believe in the rules but that this is the information. "The sooner you put this in motion, the better. His costs are gonna be catastrophic as this thing plays out." Like for example, today -- even without the MRI -- cost eleven grand... Which All Saints is wiping out, as well as giving Marco a clean bill of health so that they're only liable for future stuff. Jackie promises the lady she doesn't have to be married to love him, that it's just a piece of paper, but she's not convinced. "Maybe to you," she says, and bounces.

Jackie has a lot going on but I think one of the things that's hardest to understand, maybe less hard these days, is how her addiction stuff causes such a massive breakdown between the body and the mind. As a nurse she cures the body: It has problems, you fix them. What do you call a nurse with back problems? Unemployed: It's not that she's an addict, mental, it's that she suffers chronic pain, physical. Addiction, this guy, whatever's going on with Grace, that's way too blurry for Jackie. That's peeking in a corner Jackie has put a superhuman amount of effort into ignoring, which is how she became an addict.

So as much as Jackie loves and identifies with wackjobs, there are levels on which she doesn't see them at all. Marriage is not just a piece of paper, and she knows that, but she's willing to bend that truth in certain situations, in pursuit of a higher truth. And the reason for all of this is very simple: Jackie Peyton is a very fucking selfish person. She is the king of a tiny kingdom. And what that means most of all -- the reason she hates Sam, part of the reason even that she hates Coop -- is preserving a viewpoint: The particular soul that is Jackie Peyton, in her current form, must survive. She cannot change into something finer, because that would be the same thing as dying; she cannot risk breaking or uncovering the addiction, because it's carved out a place in her heart and has become, she thinks, indivisible from her personality. It's acting for her, and it's acting on her behalf. It crouches in her.

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Nurse Jackie




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