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A Woman To Look After You

Jackie's face jumps. If this is the you stole my pills talk, if this is the we're not friends talk, if this is the first time she gets caught... "And you're going home to a cozy... Something or other... With your husband, and your children. They're going to light up when they see you. And I'm going to be trying to remember what my tipping policy is when I pick up my dinner and go back to my room." Jackie asks if she wants to come over.

After a long pause, Eleanor geeks out in a picture-perfect Zoey, and Jackie stammers. "Or, or not, it's just an idea, you could stay in Fiona's room, you know..." Eleanor summons a bit of strength from somewhere and her back goes straight and she remembers who she is. "Actually, I'd prefer Grace's." Whew! That was the scariest six seconds of this entire series.

Eleanor leads Jackie to her towncar, outside the hospital; their shared language brings a laugh when Jackie calls it a "carriage," because only by acknowledging the differences can they possibly negotiate them, which is something they have in common, which is a reason they're friends. "You! Yes, you!" shouts God, and something about burning, and they look up. Jackie shakes her head: what is with the apparently homeless guy having an apartment? That's playing against type. "All day with this shit," she grumbles. "Never underestimate the stamina of a psychotic episode," Eleanor says cheerily.

"And who have you fornicated with today, darling?" asks God.

"Wow," Jackie mutters. "Wouldn't You like to know?" she shouts up, close to having had enough. Zoey and Mo-Mo slide by with a hushed goodbye, moving so quickly they're only blurs. "Goodnight, Baldy!" That'll do.

Jackie can handle it, Mo-Mo can basically handle it. But God's already put enough on Zoey's plate without the insults.

"And stop picking on my nurses, all right? Pick on criminals! Pick on white guys!" Eleanor rejoices: Jackie, telling God to behave Himself! Her Jacks, getting into fights with madmen on a street corner! "Fucking fantastic," she giggles, and God takes notice. "Who is your friend with the heels?" She waves up at Him. "Now that's a woman," He says, because if it's not clear already, God prefers the Eleanors and Fitches of the world. "And what's she doing with an old whore like you?"

Eleanor laughs, and Jackie stares up as He cackles.

"All right, listen to me. Put down the cat food, and get back on your meds. You're not doing anybody any good up there right now, all right? Do you hear me?" He stares down, shocked into lucidity. "I apologize," He says softly, and she nods.

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