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Near the nurses' station, Mo-Mo is asking Gloria for a piece of equipment that will help get the larger patients in and out of bed. "You spring for a Pyxis, which nobody even wants?" He calls her attention to the big fat kids coming in these days, and their big-ass parents, but she is unmoved. "When's the last time you tried to lift one of these fat bastards?" Mrs. Akalitus points out that in her time she lifted more fat bastards than he can count, and Mo-Mo whines that he doesn't want to break his back because people eat like shit: "A thousand nurses file injury claims a year, I'm just saying," he just says, but her attention is caught by a mysterious adorable baby sitting on a desk somewhere unattended. The baby giggles, smiling up at her, maybe the cutest baby ever, but even this has no effect on her.

Fitch Cooper comes running in to see Steak Knife guy. "Very nice! A stab wound to the chest!" he giggles, and Jackie tells him to go find his own fun. Still in her own little world, Eleanor absentmindedly asks him to stay, which causes Jackie to feel sidelined. He takes off his jacket and rubs his hands together excitedly. "Jackpot!" This whole episode is just people giving things to Coop that should go to Jackie, and Jackie unable -- due to professional, ethical, personal strictures -- to do anything about it. It's a really interesting mode, because the two people who do this both do it in order to reset their relationships with Jackie in some way, because she has too much power.

This episode is the first time we see Eleanor pulling doctor rank on Nurse Jackie, although she does it very subtly and with plausible deniability; and then we're so used to Eleanor's breezy classism that it takes seeing them interact through Kevin's eyes to show how forceful that can be, even when done with love. And of course, Jackie pulls the addict move of substituting Eleanor for dealer Eddie, under basically an equally profound and scary level of intimacy, when he pulls back for even a moment... Which is the same thing as poor lonely Eddie responding to Coop's usual insane amounts of affection, still knowing that choosing any doctor over Jackie is a knife in the chest.

Jackie tells Zoey to put her hand over the wound, firmly, and wheels a cart over. "I can do that," Zoey says about the assist: "I mean, I can do more important things here." Not interested in playing that game right now, Jackie nods: "Okay. Take your hand away?" She does, and a huge spurt of blood goes shooting toward the ceiling. "See? That's important." Message received. Eleanor tells Coop to take over, suddenly, and jets. Jackie's surprised, then worried, and as they get ready to do whatever medical thing, Zoey about goes crosseyed with nervousness. "Deep breaths, Zoey," says Jackie, steadying her.

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