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A Woman To Look After You

"I can catch you if you faint," Coop says, reverting to type, and Zoey of course doesn't even respond to the autopilot flirtation buried in there: "No thanks, I'm good!" She asks Jackie if she can pull the knife out, and Jackie gets serious. "Never remove a foreign object protruding from a patient," she says, explaining that's for doctors. "Do you understand?" Zoey nods, and whispers hilariously, "But it's so tempting!"

Jackie sighs. Then it's later and she's heading into the Harmacy, where Eddie has been texting her nonstop since last night. "You don't answer your phone," he explains, "And you don't come over. So this is all I've got. It takes me ten minutes to write four words, I'm using my thumbs here!" Jackie grins and assures him that's not all he's got. "And I got you a little something extra today, above the standard fare." He hands over a jewelry box, causing her throat to close up with terror.

"Eddie. No..." Eddie tells her to just open it up, and it's a bracelet. We can't see it, but her eyes say she's not shitting when she says it's nice. "Happy Anniversary, babe," he says, and without thinking she goes, "What? It's not March." He's confused, and rather than explaining she was thinking of her wedding anniversary -- which would be a messy way to clean up the mistake -- just shrugs, "March, did I say March? Jesus Christ! That's how tired I am." They laugh, because this is her answer to everything, and he bobs on his heels, waiting for a response.

"Eddie, I'm sorry," Jackie says after a minute. "I'm not good at this... stuff." He says he's not either, nobody is, just put the bracelet on. Instead, she snaps the box closed with a sigh, and his pride goeth on a long hard fall. "Yeah. No. I get it." He takes it back. "Stupid fucking bracelet from the guy you're banging. Right?" Angrier now, pushing the line too far: "Too bad it's not made out of Vicodin..." The whole pressure drops like a record skritching. You can actually hear his balls retract. Too close. Jackie gets angry, and scared, and scared because she knows getting angry lends it credence, and angry because she's scared: "Sorry?"

Eddie proceeds merrily down the road to Hell he just opened up. "You heard me." He talks about how it's always the chronic pain, the back, the tooth, and then sort of brilliantly brings it back around to the larger (he thinks) issue of their relationship, and a true thing to boot: "Everything's on your terms, Jackie." He tells her to forget it, and she tells him to forget it, as in the Big It, as in keep your fucking bracelet and keep your fucking pills, because she doesn't need any of it.

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Nurse Jackie




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