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A Woman To Look After You

Mo-Mo's thrilled, but also feeling left out that he didn't even know -- and girl, you don't know the half of it, so pace yourself -- and Jackie says lovingly, "Honey, you do all the talking." His jaw drops, but he realizes she's right; above them, God rains down shrieks and epithets. Mo-Mo wants deets, but Jackie's like, "It's nobody from work, just leave it alone?" Not a chance.

Mo-Mo changes the subject of the interrogation to the subject of their fight, and she shrugs. "I didn't realize it was our anniversary, and that makes me a terrible person," she says snottily, playing a little game inside her head, because that's not what makes her a terrible person, but being frustrated about the small thing eclipsing the big thing is a great way to feel no accountability whatsoever. "...Wait, anniversary?" Jackie admits it's been a year, and Mo-Mo breathes because he had no idea, and her voice is sad as she looks him in the eye: "Neither did I." It's been a year, a year of pills, a year is how long she's been hearing that voice, the one that calls her a whore; God screams.

"Now! Now! Now! To me, you slaves and sluts! Go ahead, eat! Eat! Eat God's shit!"

It's lunchtime. Coop's in the Harmacy, chowing down on a pastry and goggling eyes at Eddie's pill collection. "Did you get a visit from a morphine rep or something?" Not exactly. Coop starts yelling excitedly about how they should go to Atlantic City for the weekend, he's got a free room yadda yadda, boy stuff, and Eddie begs off. "It doesn't have to be Thursday," Coop fakes bravely. "I was just throwing it out there..."

Cooper picks up the jewelry box and Eddie says he can open it if he wants. "Whoa. That's nice! It's unisex, right?" Oh, Coop. Eddie's not sure. Coop plays with the bracelet and tells an awesome story: "I bought a Cartier watch when I graduated med school? I got robbed at gunpoint two days later, I was like, Really?"

I don't know why, but that little speech is my favorite part of the episode. I was like, really? I know it feeds into the whole God vs. Caucasian Men thing at the end of the episode, but the way he says it is so delightful. So Big Pharma agrees that people suck, and Coop shakes the bracelet in his face, asking who it's for. "I've had a pretty bad day," Eddie starts out meanly, putting on his Mean Old Man voice like he did last week with Zoey, "So I don't feel like talking about Cartier, or fucking bracelets, or fucking Trump Marina, if that's okay with you."

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