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A Woman To Look After You

Eleanor watches her take it with a secret smile, as though she's leading Jackie just a bit astray, just a little naughtiness, a secret between us girls. It makes me sad. Like she knows what time it is. "Now, go clean up your mess." Jackie nods at this good advice, and leaves Eleanor staring into space, in the quiet.

Jackie walks past more nuns, as God screams, and she pops more Xanax and looks askance at the giant Jesus statue in its niche: "What are you looking at?" He's looking at the time. Jackie mouths her apologies to Eddie at his window, not hungry for drugs: sobered by them. Quieted. He shrugs, depressed, and she comes inside, smiling. "Can we go back to where you said it's been a year? And this time I'd like to say, 'Wow! Time flies when you're having fun!'" She searches his face: this part is delicate. "Because we are having fun, aren't we?" He admits he just feels like an asshole, a little bit, and it's not a big fucking deal. Eddie is a good guy. Can you imagine just saying that, when something happened? At the tone, I feel like an asshole, and that's what time it is.

"Why, because you remembered it's been a year and I didn't? Eddie. Time for me is how long it's been since I changed an IV. Other than I'm pretty useless." He says this is strong, mirroring back her reassurance from the beginning of the episode. "For the record? It's not that I didn't like it. I just don't want to wear it at work." She teases that somehow Coop's pulling it off, and Eddie is unable to explain the unexplainable moment when he gave Coop the bracelet, so he asks if she still wants it. She doesn't. She smiles. "Sure."

Coop's bumbling around in a hallways somewhere with a Ho-Ho sticking out of his face, and Eddie puts him up against the wall, mugging him: "Give me all your jewelry." Coop's face falls and he protests ("Oh no! Dude, come on!"), but Eddie just shakes his head. I can't believe a month ago with that old lady telling Coop and Mo-Mo to kiss and it was like Really? Because now, it seems like his moms have trained him out of that boy bullshit so well that he'd probably just have shrugged and done it. And props to Mo-Mo, even though I'm staunchly Team Thor, had that happened. Coop sadly offers his wrist and Eddie tenderly apologizes as he takes it back.

"How did it go with God?" Jackie asks, as Mo-Mo returns looking the worse for wear. "This is not a woman's top," he shouts. At the tone, you'll still feel insecure about your masculinity, your lifestyle and your occupation. "Isn't that awful?" gushes Zoey. At the tone, you'll know you can never be beautiful. Gloria comes by with the baby, now crying, shaking a paperclip caddy in his face. "Come on, people! This is somebody's baby!" Jackie stares at the horrible sight, and comes closer to look at the adorable baby. She reaches down, and produces a paper clip: "Things like this? Stay out of the baby's mouth." Gloria is astounded and flabbergasted, but Jackie's just like, "Hey, whose baby is this?" Gloria hustles off, screaming at the nobody who owns the baby that he's going in her office and she's calling social services.

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Nurse Jackie




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