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"You're going to be okay," she assures him, and uses what's at her disposal: "Eileen? Could you wheel yourself in there and get me some help please?" Eileen doesn't question this or milk it, she just rolls her ass on inside like a total champ. I wish she was in every episode. When Jackie asks if he's got any allergies, he doesn't answer: he's in arrest (maybe that is the word, cardiac arrest, I like the sound of it anyway, and were one a most romantic cop, one could put people under cardiac arrest oh, just every day) so she starts compressions -- just like that, she starts his fucking heart beating again -- and he wakes up, and she takes out the last of the three Sweet 'N Alls, pouring it into his mouth, toward his brain, like a bolt of lightning.

And in the bar, the bar the Peytons own; after she's put on her ring again; after walking home through the rain, to the girls, with Daddy and the sundaes, and the new ice machine; and after Fiona ties a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue thanks to a regular down the bar, and her parents laugh and woggle eyebrows at each other because it's so innocent even though it's not supposed to be, and vice versa; and after he pours Jackie a coffee and shows her the ice machine and she says hi to the barflies; just before she pours regular good old Sweet 'N All in her coffee, and it falls like snow... The Hadron Supercollider will show up on the screen.

And Kevin will say, "Eight million dollars? Fuck me." And Jackie will be coming from a new direction now, where just this morning she was with him, on the same page as him, until it was explained to her. So she will paraphrase for him, about the God particle: matter and antimatter, pencils and Big Pharma Eddie and Jackie's wedding ring and the medal around her neck. She'll call it the God particle, she'll paraphrase, but he'll know what she means:

The things that stand against annihilation. The things that keep us together, when by all rights we should be flying apart.

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