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Waiting To Inhale

Coop comes looking for Harry and Jackie gets pissy immediately: "I sent them home. Why don't you run to Akalitus and lodge a formal complaint?" But this is the one day a year where Fitch Coop stops acting like a "doctor" and starts acting like a human: He jumps over the dig and right into freaking out. Jackie talks down to him like usual, like every day -- "What don't you understand? They were sitting here for over six hours while you were dicking around somewhere!" -- but today, it doesn't work. The final results were positive. Harry's got CF. Twenty years or less of breathing treatments, and then a transplant or death.

Ice runs down Jackie's spine, like you can practically hear that blood sound in her ears, and he pulls out every Jackie trick he's ever seen, the high-handed righteousness and all, and storms away to call them. Jackie, of course, asks if she can be the one to call them, and he throws down the chart. And it sucks because Jackie's amazing, but it's awesome because she's so rarely wrong and Coop's so rarely justified that the fact that he got pissed in such a professional way is sort of a charge somehow.

So what do you do? Jackie goes home, back stooped, and sits at the kitchen table, and starts unwrapping a gift: The best smoke detector they make, so Grace can breathe. For a little while.

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