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To her credit, Zoey immediately admits to Jackie, through the stall door, that she is alone. Jackie sends her out for Thor and a bunch of stuff to fix Sam, because he's losing it. "We have to keep him awake or he's gonna aspirate," she says, taking him incognito in a wheelchair, down to the basement, with Thor standing by. "Yep, we're going down," she says.

It's interesting to see them adding new places. There isn't the emphasis on place that you get with Grey's Anatomy or Farscape -- where the setting is a major character and every room bears great significance -- but this show has several of them. The chapel and the old hallway, the station in Emergency versus the one in Admitting, Kevin's bar versus the Peytons' home -- and now: God's up in the rafters, and we're going down.

Eleanor shoves the pharmacy bill away from her, refusing to look up at Kevin from her coffee. "Whatever, this is none of my business." But Kevin knows all the ways, now, and knows where to put the knife: "She give you a whole song and dance about her fucked-up back and her horrible life? Because I'm telling you, you can't believe a word she says... Did she tell you that I refused to take money for the girls? That I made her promise me on our daughters' life not to take your fucking money? Huh? Did she tell you that part?" Of course she didn't. She never would have.

"You know the drill. Stay awake. Do not pee yourself. There is a sink over there if you need it." Sam asks her why she's helping him, and she doesn't smile: "Because you are fucked up, my friend." Apparently he's been drinking vodka and Hawaiian Punch, which is like the saddest thing I've ever heard. Why not pills? He would have had to steal them. "That would've made me feel bad."

The basement is beautiful and clean. The gray and white tiles are laid out like chess knights' moves. Thor comes running back with EKG connectors, strapping them to Jackie's shoes and his own after minimal protest, and they start to dance for Sam, counting out the steps. "I love you guys," he moans, trying desperately to stay awake, and they keep tap-dancing. "Look alive, Sam." She does it grimly; she is beautiful. They are beautiful. I think the basement is officially the safest place on the show.

She runs to Eddie, apologetic, and he hugs her. "Oh, Eddie, it's all crashing down around me." He knows. He can see it in her eyes and feel it across her back. "So step aside, right?" She's sorry, but he knows it's okay. "The fucked-up thing is I want to do it for Kevin as much as I do for you. He's like cut in half, man."

Could you have imagined this taking place a year ago? Two years ago? They stand there in the pharmacy red-eyed, the wife and the friend, agreeing to split up for his sake. Sharing their love for Kevin, the husband and the cuckold, who is, in turn, down the street betraying his wife with her best friend. "You gonna be okay?" Of course she is, it's her defining characteristic. "Anyone who knows you, knows they don't know you." Which is the perfect answer. She kisses him goodbye.

Lenny has to be super cute and grabsy before Zoey will show him what she's been fidgeting with. "Boober, I can't believe you did this. What's it for, years of service?" Here's hoping. "All I got you was duck sauce!" he says, eyes wide, and they agree he's getting the better deal.

Mr. Martin shoves Jackie against the wall. "Stop walking. You're a slippery little thing, ain't you?" She pretends she doesn't know him, but he keeps going. It was $12,000 worth of pills she stole. "So what are you, a drug dealer? Why don't you call the cops?" She doesn't blink and she doesn't back down. "You come into my hospital and you fuckin' threaten me? Do you have any idea how many cops are gonna be up your ass if you lay a fucking finger on me?" Before she can say how many, Thor tackles him. "I love you just a little bit more than I did an hour ago," she says, and he smiles very sweetly indeed. I wonder if we'll see old Mr. Martin again. She is, as they say, dancing as fast as she can.

Jackie comes home with a cake, and Kevin greets her in the kitchen. Eleanor joins them, and Jackie gets super-scary perky and yippy and babbling, heartbeat gone crazed. She asks for the girls, anything to throw them off the scent, and he asks if she won't sit down for just a minute. She can't believe it; she just says "no, no, no" a million times, looking from one to the other, again and again.

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