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alks to her, Jessie is texting away and complaining about Camille not doing anything. Jessie doesn't care. I don't care either. Jessie goes on about how Camille didn't even join the right Facebook group, and Camille defends herself and this isn't going anywhere. Camille successfully refrains from calling Jessie a bitch until Jessie is a block away in a cab.

Midcommercial! Taylor and her brother Zach are having an awkward meal (because that's the only possible kind of meal for a 13-year-old boy) where she presses him for information about his interest in girls. She promises it won't get back to their mother, which I guess means she doesn't watch the show.

Jessie is getting her hair done (for the second time this episode!) in preparation for her big Operation Smile event. She talks about clothes.

It's time! The big Operation Smile thing! Jessie is shmoozing! Gabe and Sebastian are here, talking about girls! Photo shoots! Designers! Camille shows up and complains to us that she's not a part of the event. But she figures maybe she can join next year when Jessie's out of the picture. She complains to Taylor and Kelli about that scene with Jessie on the street earlier. Kelli doesn't care and thinks it's dumb. Taylor also recommends moving on. Camille gets on her high horse (I just assume all these rich kids have high horses, possibly stabled somewhere out of the city) and talks about how a charity should be for the people in need, not the people giving money. Yeah, but you only want in so you can class up your resume. So shut up. Oh, but she will not be shutting up. She will be going to the heads of Operation Smile to press her case. That's a bad idea. They don't want to deal with this right now, especially since Camille is talking very, very fast right now.

So Camille tells the heads of Operation Smile that she's been trying to set up an Operation Smile club at her school (So that's what she's been trying to do! That's the first time it's been made clear!) but that Jessie hasn't been letting her do it. Camille now thinks everything is solved, and assures us that "they'll really enjoy having me on the board next year."

Jessie has other drama to deal with! Two dresses are missing. Jessie insists that she did not fail to pack them, and that they must be in a garment bag in the room. The room is a large ballroom which is poorly lit and full of dresses and garment bags, so it sounds pretty plausible. And indeed, someone finds the dresses and Jessie is vindicated.

PC is here in a tux. For just a moment, we see Kelli, Taylor, Camille, PC, and Sebastian all in the shot at the same time. I mention that because it bugs me how the main characters on this show aren't actually friends and never hang out together.

Everyone goes in to their tables. Sebastian and Gabe babble about "picking one girl" and "like, loving her". PC gets Jessie to introduce him to her boss Carmen, so PC can apologize for that "guests don't bring guests" thing. He does apologize fairly profusely, and Carmen says he appreciates it. PC emphasizes that he doesn't want Jessie to look bad on his behalf. It's a reasonably sincere moment, and PC gets out of the guy's space quickly. Good job, PC.

Jessie is backstage at the fashion show. Models have gone missing, and Jessie is stressed out about it. Sure, I can understand that. She finds them upstairs, smoking pot, and she freaks out at them. Hey, sometimes that's what you have to do. She herds them downstairs to where they're supposed to be. We see her fall on some stairs, but she gets back up without having apparently broken anything.

The event continues. Jessie says a few uninteresting words. The fashion show begins, and Camille insults the outfits and keeps up a running commentary. I suppose I can't point fingers.

Sebastian tells us that this year was about quantity, but next year will be about quality: "A smaller number of girls, but really hot ones." Kelli plans to work in the studio a lot. PC comes over to the brunettes' table and asks if "we're all friends". That's PC, Kelli, Taylor, and Camille. Are they all friends? I don't feel like they are. Camille tells us that she plans to be the center of attention next year, because she'll be a senior. PC finds Jessie after the event and tells her she should be very proud of herself. Then he brags to us about how many experiences he's had. And he tells her that he is, in fact, going to a college: Occidental.

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