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Bonus midcommercial content! PC tells us that "Prep school kids in New York like to be fit and stay in shape". This is another example of the kids on this show believing that something is in some way specific to their experience. Believe it or not, people who live all over the country have an interest in physical fitness. Even kids not in private schools! Anyway, PC is working with a personal trainer, who is a woman named Alex. Alex interrogates PC about his girl situation.

Sebastian and his friend Max shop for shoes in preparation for Zoe's party. This is uninteresting to me, so I will instead report that the background music appears to be the bassline from "Keep Feeling Fascination" by The Human League.

While Jessie and Zoe prepare for the party (by sitting on the couch), Jessie gets a call from PC to tell her that he has a blind date that night. Jessie once more emphasizes how very, very fine with this she is. Why wouldn't she be? There's no reason! No reason at all! We see Zoe dancing in a variety of odd manners.

As Jessie and Zoe ride to the party, Zoe sneers at the Bridge and Tunnel crowd. I officially disapprove of her just assuming people are from New Jersey and disliking them on those grounds, but in this case, I also hate the people that drove past in a stretch Hummer limo.

The moon, according to this insert shot, is full. I mention that because I have noticed that on reality shows, the moon is always full, and I'm hoping to embarrass the producers into occasionally mixing in a crescent for variety.

People enter the party and get their names checked against The List. Let's let Jessie describe it: "The place where Zoe's having her party is a big downtown loft space. It's just really cool. There's like a dungeon in the back." Well, okay. Kelli and Camille get in, and Camille gloats about knowing where the parties are. Then she kind of loses cool points by gushing, "Are these after-dinner mints? No. Way." I'm going to assume that they're particularly impressive mints, because otherwise Camille just got excited over the sight of peppermint. Kelli asks Jessie if PC's coming, and Jessie is annoyed in an interview. She feels that if Kelli and Camille are going to talk shit about her, they shouldn't come up to her and act friendly. Hmm. That puts me in a bit of an awkward position if I ever run into Jessie. I guess it's pretty unlikely, though, so I won't worry about it too much. Note that Camille has the sense to stay away from Jessie. There's a heavily Frankensteined clip where Camille says that it would be social suicide to enrage Jessie given that she needs to get involved with Operation Smile. But seriously, that clip was cut together from three or four different speeches.

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