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Sebastian arrives and gets a big hug from Kelli. He sits with Camille and Kelli, who starts telling him about this French restaurant she went to (Sebastian: "Did you think about me?") I think Camille is trying to keep Sebastian off balance when she asks him "You're a sophomore, right?" but that doesn't mean I approve of his comeback: "You have something in your teeth." It does break Camille's train of thought, though. Sebastian starts to chat up Kelli's friend Lizzie, and Kelli is wracked with self-doubt. She's starting to understand Sebastian a little.

PC arrives at a restaurant for his blind date.

Taylor arrives at Zoe's party and gets a big hug from Sebastian. Sebastian makes Camille move over so Taylor can sit next to him, and Kelli is not enjoying the party at all now. She would like to leave, please. And so she does. Exit Kelli.

PC continues to wait at the restaurant. For 45 minutes. Then he calls Jessie to let her know the deal.

At the party, something new has been added. It's Cole, Taylor's ex-boyfriend! And he sits right next to Taylor and Sebastian. Awkward. He pulls Taylor off to the side and Sebastian and Max discuss the situation. Sebastian's not worried, because Max is like 30 years old or something (he's 17) and also because he doesn't think Cole looks good enough to steal Taylor back. Taylor is glad when Cole leaves.

PC leaves the restaurant in a snit. And a taxi.

There is dancing at the party, and then Sebastian has a declaration for Taylor: "Yo, we're leaving. Just me and you are leaving." Then, to Camille, to make it clear: "Just me and her." So there! Out on the street, Taylor and Sebastian have a moment of sorts, and Taylor tells him that she prefers him to Cole. And he wants to hang out with her tomorrow. They kiss.

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