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I'll just come out and admit it: I'm 30 years old and I somehow love this show. I haven't gotten sucked into any of the Real Housewives insanity or Top Chef or even Project Runway, but somehow this? I have no idea, but here I am, happy to fill in for Montykins. ...And previouslies: PC was sort of gay, Kelli hired a voice coach, PC was an ass to the "children." Sebastian didn't want to be friends with Taylor after she chose her public school ex, so PC and Jessie take her on as a project. Jessie interviews for a PR internship. The interview process made her feel like a prostitute. And Montykins weecapped it all for our enjoyment.

So, here we are, at ... Fashion Week, apparently. Jessie explains to us what it is in case there are non-New Yorkers watching, because none of us will have ever heard of such a thing as Fashion Week. Jessie says Fashion Week is New York, and she'd do anything to break into fashion. Except, you know, designing stuff. And she's certainly not pretty enough to model. So PR is pretty much the only way to go, other than being rich and just watching (which is the route I'm guessing she'll actually take, despite this show's script). Jessie was the youngest person interviewing at Charlotte Ronson. She says the other interviewees are "a bit pathetic" for having the same amount of work experience as her (read: none). Surprise! She gets the job. Totally not a set-up or anything, either. She starts right away, it being Fashion Week and all.

Jessie walks into the Fashion Week tent, looking for Matt, who works for Charlotte Ronson. She says she's nervous, but mostly looks annoyed. She finds Matt, who tells her what articles of clothing she should take off, since they're not black (it looks like he must have asked her to wear back). She looks around at the other interns, who are all gossipy and friendly with each other. Jessie just stands and watches. There are too many interns, according to accented intern Sofia. Jessie's disappointed at how little there is to do. Matt tells Sofia and Jessie to guard a door. She hates it. So she and Sofia decide to just go watch the show instead. Jessie claims they're still guarding the door, but they're so not. Kristen Bell is in the crowd. Surprisingly, Jessie thinks this internship isn't really for her. She apparently quits on the spot and thinks about other options for her future.

Taylor's waiting for Cole so they can go to a fashion show with PC. Cole points out PC's not even her friend and talks down to her. They try to find PC, as Cole continues to talk smack about PC. Until he shows up with a friend. They're both entirely too cool in their sunglasses. Inside. PC explains that Taylor's mysterious and he wants to figure out how she pulls that off without even wearing sunglasses indoors. Okay, I'm possibly embellishing a bit. Just then, Taylor sees Amanda Bynes and freaks. How. Embarrassing. It's not even one of the good celebrities. PC tells Taylor to be super cool and not freak out if she sees a celebrity. Then they all sit. Taylor still wants to meet Amanda Bynes. They find their four front-row seats for the Jill Stuart show. Cole spots Paris Hilton, but PC really doesn't care. Taylor even talks about how dumb it is to wear sunglasses inside, but then points out that even Paris Hilton's doing it. Right, because she's a celebrity and is trying to hide. For PC, it's just an affectation.

The fashion show starts and we get a weird montage of PC and his shaded friend talking fashion as Cole talks about how tall a model is, or how mean she looks, or how her hat looks like a Mary Poppins hat. PC tries to explain to them that it's about more than the clothes. Taylor realizes fashion is art. And PC feels like he's helped Taylor out, and opened her horizons. Whatever that means. As PC and his friend leave, PC sweetly says "She seems a little less retarded today." I can see why Taylor wants to be his friend. He has so much to teach her about etiquette and class.

Sebastian's also waiting to go to a fashion show. He's meeting Kelli, whom he invited to go with him, since he has backstage passes and stuff. She looks cute, with a side hairpiece and a big shirt dress. Sebastian's not into fashion, but is more excited about hanging out with Kelli. Back in the dressing room, they don't pay attention to the hair and makeup going on around them, but instead talk about PC. Kelli thinks he's a dick, and Sebastian seems to agree, based on how he treated them all at Camille's party. Somewhere else, another of PC's girlfriends talks about how much fun an afterparty is going to be. Turns out his friend is the editor in chief of a magazine called Social Life. So networking is her job, which means tonight will be "insane." Back to Sebastian, who's telling Kelli how mean he was to Taylor when she wanted to meet up last week. Kelli explains to us what happened between Taylor and Sebastian. Then she tells him that he shouldn't be mean to Taylor, because that shows he cares, "So do you care?" Sebastian is sort of dumbstruck, because for all of his making hooking up with girls a habit, he knows very little about caring for an actual girl. He tries to blab his way out of it, but Kelli's not impressed, all "That's fine." Sebastian wants to hook up with Kelli now, and he suggests it to her, but she's all, "Friends." She's not going to be his backup girl. Sebastian thinks Kelli's bi-polar because she flips from flirty to angry.

As Sebastian and Kelli settle into their fifth-row seats at the Erin Fetherston show, PC and his socialite magazine editor friend settle into their front-row seats at the same show. PC talks about how fun the front row is, at Fashion Week or anywhere else. Sebastian notices PC, but doesn't want to mention it to Kelli because she hates him. PC talks about how cool the fashion show is, how great the designs are, blah, blah. Sebastian says the fashion show was "interesting," and he just feels like "no one would wear that shit ever." Hee. I love him. And I agree. He guesses it's art, but he looks totally bored.

PC sees Kelli and Sebastian leaving after the fashion show. PC talks about how awesome the show was. Sebastian agrees. PC calls Kelli aside to talk in private. He apologizes for being out of hand at dinner. He should have censored himself, since he knew he was being an asshole. Sebastian stands by, looking bored. Kelli says there's really not that much difference in their maturity levels, and PC says he disagrees but whatever. Nice apology, asshat. PC feels like Kelli proved his point about her immaturity. He tells her he knows they're not going to be friends, and she says she feels like she's fighting with a chick. Sebastian looks impressed. PC was expecting Kelli to be more calm while he called her immature. Sebastian felt no need to defend her, since she handled her own well. And they're not even hooking up. Kelli doesn't really care if he doesn't want to be her friend. She recaps the fight for Sebastian as they walk away. She calls him a douchebag.

The next day, PC (in sunglasses) meets up with Jessie (in sunglasses) and the sunglassed friend from the first fashion show (still in sunglasses). I think her name is Kat. Jessie's already heard about the fight with Kelli, and PC admits he was sort of schooled. Jessie thinks the chances are he asked for it. Kat and Jessie are going to another fashion show, Pamela Roland. Jessie tells us again how much she loves fashion. PC runs into his magazine editor friend again. Her name's Devorah. After meeting her, Jessie interviews that "you can tell when someone's not from New York, and just not, like, a real person." She is so smart. I really think she deserves to get into Harvard. Devorah's sweet and compliments' Jessie's necklace, but Jessie wants to go. PC wants to introduce PC to someone first. Jessie finds that people in the fashion ind

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