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ustry aren't always what they say they are, and she hates that. She'd rather just be the bitch that she is. In fact, Kat and Jessie have taken PC's front-row seat, and Kat won't give it back to him. Jessie blames it on him being phony and hanging with his new friends. PC's so pissed that he's still calling her names that have to be bleeped in his interview later. And he calls her fat twice. So, PC agrees that modeling isn't her ticket into the fashion industry. Jessie thinks PC should get over not getting the front-row seat because he's not even a girl. He says he wanted to put a bag over Kat's head and kill her. He also calls her a cunt. Man, that guy is classy. He and Jessie deserve each other. After the show, there's a passive-aggressive showdown out front, and Jessie acts above it and leaves.

Camille and Kelli are shopping. Kelli talks about meeting her voice coach. Right now she's waiting to meet a stylist who will help with her music career. The voice coach wants Kelli to call herself Kelli! Kelli thinks that's fine, but Camille thinks it's weird that the coach doesn't think Kelli can be who she is. Kelli thinks Camille doesn't get it, because she doesn't know how to be famous. Camille thinks Kelli's great the way she is and doesn't need to change, but she guesses a heart over the "i" would help her be more bubble gum. Kelli's so annoyed at Camille for liking her the way she is. That bitch.

Jessie's now moved on to a job at Carmen Marc Valvo. For this one, she'll be working at an exclusive press event. She's running late, because she had to change her outfit. She doesn't show up, and the guys in there are saying they've waited and she's not there. They really don't see the point of her being there. Carmen himself scolds Jessie, and she says she was in school and had a French test, so he forgives her. She jumps right in to her new job, working with Frank, who handles everything for Carmen. Jessie thinks this is nothing like Charlotte Ronson. Because here she gets to talk to people she sees as important. Jessie explains PR to us: It's important for Carmen to be a household name. Which is why they gave someone on a TV show a job, obviously. She says this is her dream job.

Kelli's meeting with a "celebrity stylist" named Lauren, at the bidding of her voice coach. They're meeting at the Walter fashion show. Kelli brought her mom and Camille. Kelli now has a voice coach, a producer, and a stylist. Camille asks a lot of questions about what Lauren's going to do with Kelli's image. Camille thinks it's weird that a 17-year-old needs a stylist before she has a career. I think Camille should be Kelli's manager. She's tough and thinks about all the angles, such as: GET A GIG FIRST. Kelli knows that she's working with the right person in Lauren because she works with famous people. They pick out clothes at the fashion show. Kelli thinks it's incredible.

PC's heading to the Carmen Marc Valvo show that Jessie invited him to. He decided to bring his skater-looking friends, Trey and Zach, along. They show up, and Jessie, to her credit, is sweet and says it's nice to meet them. She's annoyed that he brought his entourage, though, because she wanted PC to meet her bosses without his skeevy-looking friends. She tells us why this episode got its name: "Guests of guests do NOT bring guests." She thinks PC should know better. PC says Trey's a stylist and Zach's a photographer, so they're the perfect crowd to bring. One of them mentions that Devorah's coming, too, and Jessie gets even more unhappy if that's possible. It's her first day of work, and she doesn't need to worry about this.

They talk about school, and PC says he went for a couple periods, but ends up admitting he didn't go home last night. He was out with these two guys all night. He did change his clothes, though, before school. Jessie says it's none of her business what PC does with his new friends but something just doesn't feel right about this. PC says he has two papers to do tonight, and one of his friends says he has all night to do them, and can do it between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. Jessie would like PC to find new friends who won't convince him to do things he shouldn't. Devorah shows up, and PC tells her she looks stunning. Jessie just sits there, feeling like the outcast. PC tells Devorah she looks stunning, and she says she has to; it's her job. Jessie doesn't know Devorah and thinks the whole thing with her talking to PC is fucked up. It grosses her out.

Jessie calls PC to the side, and tells him she's hurt that he brought an entourage to something she invited him to that was important to her. She doesn't think he should go out tonight, and he knows that. He says he's not. Jessie thinks he should get to know people better before hanging out with them. Devorah wonders why Jessie's always upset about something, and he says he doesn't want to talk about it. When Devorah's car comes, PC says he wants to go to the bar with her for, like, five minutes. Jessie sits all alone at her big first night at her job. Commercials.

Camille and her mom are going to the spa. Camille says it's great to pamper themselves since there's so much stress and anxiety in the prep school scene. While they're getting their hair done, Camille's sister calls. She locked herself out of their house. They tell her to walk in the park, or go to church, or something. That's the whole segment and then more commercials. Why does this show do that?

We're back with Sebastian in a very staged-looking diner. He says it's a date with a girl named Daniela, a hot girl he met at a party. He speaks French to her. He wants to hang out with her and get to know her better. He laughs nervously, because that obviously means he wants to hook up with her, as the kids are calling it. Sebastian asks if Daniela's a vegetarian and she's not, so he tells her how annoying that is and then awkwardly mentions Taylor by name. Daniela knows Cole, and thinks he's a cool guy. This could not be any more set-up if it were on The Hills. Her knowing Cole makes things much worse, then he finds out she goes to public school and he decides he can't go out with her. She asks to touch his hair, but he thinks that's weird. He's not a dog. Worst date ever. Except for every other date Sebastian's had on this show. He's the king of awkward, but he always blames the girls.

Taylor and her public school friend discuss the fashion show. Her friend thinks it's sort of dumb, but Taylor loves Paris Hilton, and wanted to touch her. She then says she's loves PC, who embodies the whole private school scene for her. She says that they enjoy each other's presence. She's not attracted to him, though, but she thinks he's cute. She says PC's reputation is that he gets it on with everyone, no matter who they are. She says he's into girls and guys. She's not sure if it's cool to be bisexual, but it's cool that he's bisexual. She keeps talking about how he dresses, and I fall asleep.

Jessie's first day at the office. Frank greets her warmly, and says he needs her help because they're doing a charity fashion show and she needs to go through a bunch of old dresses in a warehouse in New Jersey. Frank asks Jessie if her friends had fun the other night, and she makes it clear that PC is her friend, but she doesn't know the entourage. Frank keeps on grilling her about it, and it's obvious he's very upset about it. But then he moves on and tells her he'll see if the car's ready to go to Jersey. Carmen comes out and says hi to Jessie, and then she heads out. She says you just have to be a go-getter and not burn bridges to be good. Is walking out of your job at Charlotte Ronson on the first day considered being a go-getter or not burning a bridge? Hmmmm.

They arrive at the warehouse in Jersey, where there are eleventy billion dresses. She feels like she's in heaven, but now she has to find these dresses that aren't organized at all. Frank keeps finding the right dresses, and he says it's because he knows them better than her. J

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