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essie felt like Frank really trusted her and threw her into the job. They talk about when she comes back to work next week. I'm not sure what kind of schedule she works, but she did that nighttime party, which was at least a couple nights earlier, and then works one day, and then isn't working again until the next week. I guess it's a part-time thing since she's in school, and not every day? I probably shouldn't judge since I didn't even have a job in high school.

PC waits at a coffeeshop for Jessie, who greets him by saying it's not the best day. He tells her not to start with the bad mood, and she tells him to fuck off. He interviews that he loves her, but she makes it tough to be friends with her. She tells him about her first day of work, and how his company was mentioned. She says that both Carmen and Frank mentioned it, and she tells him the rule: "Guests of guests don't bring guests." He thinks she's just trying to fight, but she says it risked her job. She thinks he took the fact that she invited him to something almost as a joke. He wonders what was wrong with his friends, whom he says are polite, hip, and fun. She says she just wanted him there. He asks if that's why she's mad, and turns the tables, saying she's bringing her personal life into her job. She says she's 17 and has never had a designer like Carmen offer her a position. He says he's proud of her. She wants them to respect her for the job, but they told her that they didn't think PC's friends were the company she kept. He asks her to be blunt right now, but she says she has a guard up, which he's known all their lives. She says she doesn't want him surrounded by people who might want to use him. She wants to protect him, and doesn't want people to use him for his money. She starts crying and has to stop her interview. And she cries with PC. He says he loves her and would do anything for her and knows she'd do the same. He asks if there's anything he can do, like send Frank or Carmen a note. He'll go to his office or do anything else to fix it. She just really wants it, but doesn't answer.

Next time: Jessie bitches about how her family has always saved PC's ass. Someone tells her to let him fail, but she says she can't let him fail and be his friend, knowing she let him fail. She sort of has a good heart, weirdly. Is it possible she's become somewhat likeable? Or have I lost my mind? PC parties hard. Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. PC asks Camille personal questions about her relationship. Cole invites his ex-girlfriend, Denise, somewhere with Taylor because he wants them to be friends. Taylor's not please about this. She says she can be a bitch too. Okay, that has to be scripted, because I just won't believe that sweet girl can be a bitch. Also, I love this show decidedly less after this episode. Was it just me, or did it feel even more fake than usual, with a big huge pile of Fashion Week product placement added to the mix? Ick.

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