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Hey! Thanks to DeAnn for covering for me last week. I understand there was a fashion show. And then several more fashion shows!

Okay, let's get on with it. In the previouslies, I am starting to really enjoy Taylor's response to being rejected: "Like, ouch." Yeah, man. Dig it.

Sebastian and Camille are at an art fair, and I think he's trying to hit on her with his smooth questions like "What kind of art are you into?" She scolds him for touching the art. Sebastian recaps the events of the last episode for Camille, and she tells him where he went wrong when hitting on Kelli: "Basically, you were like, 'Now that I'm done hooking up with one girl, how about you?'" Sebastian's response? "Yeah!" Camille is delighted to realize just how dumb this kid is. Sebastian explains to us that he doesn't plan to listen to Camille, "because she's not exactly this pro. On dating." Hmm. Sebastian grills Camille on her love life. How long ago has it been since she's been on a date? "Ten? Twenty? Thirty years?" Sebastian goes for the kill: "I feel like you just would make everyone feel dumb. I guess, X plus, like, the factor of Y equals Z." Camille stares at him, unable to even formulate a response. Sebastian interviews that there must be something wrong with Camille's sense of humor. This scene, which has been obviously engineered by the producers to make Sebastian and Camille interact, is both excruciatingly phony and hilariously phony.

Actually, Camille's starting to get ticked off at Sebastian's gibes, so she turns the conversation around on him, mocking him for having been dumped by both Kelli and Taylor. He stays on the no-date theme, accusing her of not having been on a date in a month. Camille essentially tells him to shut up, and he goes with the default answer of "Whatever." Okay, that was weird and awkward. I liked it!

Jessie and Kat are out trying on sunglasses. Jessie complains about PC and "his new entourage," pointing out that when she's 30, she doesn't plan on hanging out with 18-year-old boys. Jessie goes on about how guests don't invite guests, and how everyone says she has a great intuition. Kat is supportive of Jessie's anger that PC is going out partying with his new friends. Kat tells her that she can't change people, and also to stop being so dramatic and claiming that it's the end of her friendship with PC. I think I like Kat, although the producers probably don't approve of someone talking sense and telling people not to be dramatic. Kat tells Jessie that she should just back off and let PC get kicked in the ass. Jessie says she can't let him fail and still be his friend. Kat tells her to relax.

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