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Sebastian shows up with Gabe and sits next to Kelli. Just then, Cole decides that he and Taylor should go talk to Sebastian. Taylor protests, but goes along with it. At the edge of the party, a delighted Camille calls Gabe's attention to the oncoming drama. Cole grills Sebastian about why he doesn't want to be Taylor's friend. Taylor is uncomfortable, Sebastian is uncomfortable, PC is not involved but he's uncomfortable anyway. Sebastian interviews that he thought this was an issue between him and Taylor, so what does Cole have to do with it?

Just then! Cole's ex-girlfriend Deniz shows up and sits down next to Cole. PC claims that he's started feeling bad for Taylor, so he comes over to the group and kisses Taylor. You're not really following this, are you? The point is: drama! DRAAAMAAAAA! Cole tells Taylor he wants to talk to Deniz, so Taylor leaves. Sensible. Deniz asks Cole why he invited her, and he says that he wants her and Taylor to be friends. Deniz accurately points out that that isn't going to happen. Taylor, off with PC, complains about all the drama. Cole insists on introducing Taylor and Deniz and tells them to become friends. They look identical. And all they have to talk about is that this is a weird, awkward situation that Cole is putting them in.

Jessie's place. She's meeting with the Hampton branch of the Operation Smile people. Strap in for exciting fundraising committee action! Jessie appears to run the meeting, and I think the other people in the meeting are sighing a lot. Jessie brings up Camille and complains about her not following up. The end!

Harvard! Camille is excited! She explains to us that "The Ivy League schools are the best schools that you can get into in the Northeast." Just the northeast? You're going to need to crank up that snobbishness if you're going to become good enough for Harvard. Maite, Kelli, and Camille meet their red-clad tour guide, who is named "Scarlet" and studied Russian Literature as an undergraduate at Harvard. Kelli describes her as follows: "She had a really weird voice, and she kind of bothered me. I just thought she was kind of pretentious and rude." Ah, that's the Harvard we all know and love! Scarlet, who talks like she might have lockjaw, grills Kelli on whether she will apply to Harvard. She doesn't know. A guy in a gorilla suit walks by. Then their actual tour guide, a student named David, shows up. Scarlet wishes Camille luck in getting into Harvard "although, you know, you probably won't." Classy! Camille is speechless.

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