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You Aren't Jesus!

The tour goes fine. It's an attractive campus with many old buildings. One of David's friends interrupts the tour to hit on the girls.

Taylor and PC shop for candy at a large candy store. There is Pez. PC interviews that if we'd just be open-minded, we'd understand that Taylor isn't an idiot, the way he assumed at the beginning. They go to the Erotic Candy section, where Taylor expresses the opinion that the body chocolate is unsanitary. PC grills her about Cole, and she complains about him a bit. Eventually, PC invites her to a very exclusive party he's having. "And don't bring Cole!"

Kelli's place. Camille has come over to tell her that PC and Taylor have been hanging out together. Kelli insists that she doesn't care. I don't either, but I'm at least paying attention. Camille calls PC, who claims to be at the intermission of the opera. Camille asks PC what's the deal with him going from being condescending about how young Taylor is to hanging out with her. PC gets very explicit: "There's nothing about me that wants to pursue her in any kind of way." PC explains again that Taylor is "a project" then invites Camille over to his little hotel suite party thing. She coolly says "Love to," then gloats after hanging up the phone.

Midcommercial: Jessie is at a restaurant meeting with Lauren, who is a jewelry designer. She's got some stuff for Operation Smile. Jessie is gleeful over the necklaces.

PC is at Jessie's place, making fun of her Fashion Institute of Technology pennant. She is unfazed, pointing out that she's gotten into a college and where's his acceptance letter? PC sits on her bed ("No shoes on my bed!" she snaps) and plays with her stuffed animals. She asks him if he's gay, and he changes the subject to Taylor. She tells him he isn't Jesus and should focus on himself and getting into college before trying to save anyone else. PC gets angry when Jessie gets her "Save the Date" email for her benefit. There's some uninteresting yelling, which I don't think they're taking very seriously. PC decides not to invite Jessie to his party and leaves.

Cole and his buddy Kyle are at Katz's Deli, which I hear is amazing. Cole is moaning about Taylor's world not revolving exclusively around her. Kyle tells Cole about PC's party, to which Taylor (and not Cole) has an invitation. And apparently Taylor didn't even mention it to Cole.

PC's party! He's renting a penthouse suite for a senior year blowout. People show up. There is drinking. The reason that PC invited Camille is so that he can gleefully demand information about her date with Dan. You remember Dan, right? PC's friend, who went on a date with Camille? He's at the party. Camille unwisely offers to give Yes/No answers to questions. The first question is "Did Dan pay for it," but before Camille can answer, someone else asks "Did you [bleep] him?" PC insists on one answer at a time. PC makes them kiss each other on the cheek and say "Everything's okay between us." There's a lot of drinking. PC gets a text from Taylor saying she can't come because she's been grounded. Nobody buys her excuse. PC calls her "the dumbest girl I've ever known."

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