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Oh, that's right. This show.

PC and Camille are walking through the streets of New York. Camille still wants to talk to Jessie about Operation Smile so she can have a charity on her resume and get into Harvard and have a perfect life. And she wants to do it as a junior so she won't be seen as a poser who only cares about the credit. Well, then maybe talking about the credit on a nationally televised show was a poor plan. The kids recap the show plot about how Jessie doesn't care about meeting new people and can come off like a bitch. Camille is worried about "underexceeding [Jessie's] expectations". "Underexceeding"? Insert joke about vocabulary and Harvard here.

Kelli is interviewing voice coaches for her theoretical singing career. Scott the Voice Coach is at Kelli's place for an interview, and he explains that he doesn't have that many students in the city and that he doesn't have an album. He's out. Next is Kathy the Vocal Coach, who has brought a tiny guitar, which she uses to accompany her tuneless warbling about making coffee. It is a hellish nightmare beyond all imagining. Out. Breck the Vocal Coach looks a little weird and puts Kelli off by staring at her intensely. He teaches the art of body singing, which baffles Kelli. Kelli sings some scales to his guitar accompaniment, and he compliments her power and range. But he's still out. Incidentally, you have realized that we're going to see Kelli in some American Idol season at some point, right? Whether it's the awful auditions or the actual show, I don't know. But she'll be in there.

Debbie the Dance Teacher is working with Taylor. She explains her life plan, which is to dance and become a superstar. She takes a lot of dance classes, which is a good start. She has a dance performance tonight and she's nervous. This is riveting material. She tells her fellow dancers that her father didn't come, but her brother and mother are there. Her brother's being a pretty good sport, if you ask me. Anyway, blah blah blah divorce blah. There's a dance in fishnets, which would be classier if it weren't being done with metal folding chairs. There's a wardrobe malfunction involving a hole in in the crotch of Taylor's tights, and the performance is stopped to get her a different dress. Her brother is having a great time and is totally happy he decided to come. The dance starts over, and it's kind of dull. Taylor's brother can't help staring at the camera and smirking whenever he sees it.

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