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Hello, Children!

Midcommercial! Kelli is turning 17 soon and wants to learn to drive. Her brother is in charge of teaching her.

Taylor is walking with her friend Ayala. See, you keep getting the main characters off on their own talking to their individual friends, which makes it hard for the show to be about the way they interact with each other. Anyway, they're talking about Camille's dinner party and Taylor's thinking about bringing Cole. Ayala points out that there would probably be some sort of scene between Cole and Sebastian, and now Taylor is rethinking it. Well, I guess technically "rethinking" implies that she thought about it at least once already, but you know what I mean.

PC and "PC and Jessie's friend Kat" are also talking about Camille's party. It's at a restaurant owned by one of Kat's mother's clients, if you find that sort of thing interesting. PC invites Kat along to help him interrogate Camille. PC claims that his motivation for going to the party is to perform psychological experimentation on everyone and see how they behave under pressure. See, he's not being a jerk; it's just a social experiment! As he and Kat walk off, he apologizes for being fucked up, and she asks if there's vodka in his bag.

There's a half moon in the sky, but it's daytime, so I don't know if I should count it.

Dinner party! It's in a private room at a place called "Firebird". Camille and Kelli are there first, and Camille is positively giddy about Taylor, Sebastian, and Cole all being there. She anticipates plenty of awkward moments. Can't wait! As Sebastian enters, he gives both girls hugs. He's more enthusiastic about the one for Kelli. Camille tells him Cole is coming, and he is not enthused. Then he interviews about not being enthused. That was a productive use of screentime. Taylor arrives and says that Cole will be along shortly. PC and Kat enter as PC calls out, "Hello, children!" PC feels ever so mature and old, being around these people who are as much as two years younger than him. He doesn't know if Jessie is coming but lets himself get bullied into texting her. Camille tells us again that she wants to get to know Jessie so she can get into Operation Smile and have a charity on her resume for Harvard. But Jessie's not coming, so never mind.

It's time for the dinner part of the dinner party, and PC is starting the trolling. He asks Camille how her date with Dan went, and interviews that he thinks there was some "mingling" going on between the two of them. I'm pretty sure I know what "mingling" is when it's got those quotes around it. Camille thinks that "proper dinner party etiquette" normally precludes grilling your hostess on whether she had sex on a date. When Cole finally shows up, PC shouts, "There's the mother[bleep]er!" Classy. That'll show those children you mean business. I will say, though, that of the three guys there, only PC has had the sense to wear a tie. This is balanced off by him telling Cole as soon as he's in the room that Sebastian and Taylor hooked up. Supposedly. Everyone looks around awkwardly. Cole tells Sebastian that there are no hard feelings. Sebastian interviews, "I didn't feel threatened by Cole being at the dinner party. I just felt like it was gonna be really weird." That's certainly a fair assessment of the situation.

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