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So I suppose you're wondering what qualifies me to recap this show. Well, I did go to a prep school, although it was in Southern California and was more along the lines of the one in Veronica Mars. Also, I've seen Cruel Intentions, Cruel Intentions 2 and even the third one. Top that!

Welcome to Manhattan! Mysterious voices tell us about how hard it is to get into New York City prep schools. You have to do well academically (mentioned briefly) and have gobs of money (mentioned at length). All the prep schools are in the same general area, so "everyone knows everyone", even if they're at different schools. There's talk of sex and drinking. Gasp! And now we have credits.

Let's see here. We've got Kelli, PC, Jessie, Camille, Sebastian, and Taylor. And lots of views of New York.

PC (18, senior, resplendent in his facial stubble, because when you're 18, you want as much facial hair as you can manage) and Jessie (17, senior, blonde) are seniors and worried about getting into the right college. PC thinks that being rejected by a college isn't the end of the world because you can always make a few more phone calls and get them to reconsider you. Jessie doesn't want to use connections to get places, but PC feels that money is power.

PC introduces himself and talks about money a lot. Apparently, "money flows like the wind". And PC feels bad for people who don't have money. Well, that's nice, I guess.

Jessie introduces herself and talks a lot about fashion. We see her at runway shows and consulting with her personal shopper at Barney's. She's also involved with Operation Smile (for children with cleft lips) and wants PC to get involved in her upcoming event. PC thinks that cleft lips are not the number one priority in the world, so he doesn't want to get involved. Also, he thinks that people are only performing charitable works because it's very "in" right now. Jessie is appalled by PC's eye-rolling dismissiveness, which shows that she doesn't yet realize that he's doing it just to appall her.

Next! Kelli (16, junior, dark hair, possible silk jumpsuit) lived in the Hamptons but moved back to the Upper East Side because she wants to sing. She and her brother Murray live alone, but their parents come by from the Hamptons once a week. Kelli explains that her mother sometimes cooks when she's there, but she and Murray usually just order in Chinese. Well, that's what you do in New York, isn't it? Kelli tells us that she and Murray usually don't do their homework, but she knows better than to tell her mother that. She tells us (from the high wingback chair the kids do their interviews in) that she quite enjoys being on her own and not having a curfew like everyone else. Then the parents leave.

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