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Sebastian is extremely popular among the girls, especially Taylor. Kelli decides that she wants to leave now that she doesn't have exclusive Sebastian rights, and Camille goes with her after making fun of Sebastian to his face. Luckily, Sebastian does not appear to have enough self-awareness to notice the mockery.

Mid-commercial bonus content: Jessie shops for clothes. Apparently she hates Gossip Girl because they film on her block and make her favorite places too popular.

The next scene is apparently at a place called Apiary. There are fewer bees than I was hoping for. It must be that Colony Collapse Disorder I've been hearing so much about. Jessie's there with her friend Zoe talking about a place to buy clothes. Zoe confides that sometimes she wears clothes that cost less than twenty dollars. Scandalous! Jessie says that it's because she's "so downtown". Hey, there's nothing wrong with extremely cheap clothes. If you want to be properly snobbish, then everything you wear should either have cost you thousands of dollars at incredibly exclusive stores or have been picked up for a pittance at a garage sale somewhere. Jessie's going to a fashion event where she'll meet fashion people. Zoe wants to know what the deal is with Jessie going places with PC, but Jessie swears that they're just best friends now. They used to date. Oh! and Jessie says there's a gossip group on Facebook. That's ... not news. I guess it's specifically gossip about their circle.

PC's car pulls up and Jessie gets in. PC wants her to introduce him to people because he won't know anyone, but Jessie insists that PC's job will be to help her break the ice with people. PC takes the opportunity to quote Jessie describing his charming ways and how he'll get eaten by a monster or something.

Fashion event! Clothes! Paintings! PC is not impressed and makes fun of the trendy people. Jessie networks furiously, claiming to be interested in PR or whatever the person in front of her does for a living. Kelli is also at the event, having invited Camille along. PC apparently knows them and goes for the European double-kiss, which Camille makes fun of in an interview. Well, she actually compliments his confidence, but it looks like she's mocking. Jessie looks a little ticked off by PC talking to girls who aren't her. Camille tells us that Jessie is considered a bitch, and Jessie assures us that of course she wasn't mad that PC was off talking to other women. No, no, no. She wouldn't dream of being angry about that. PC interviews that Jessie doesn't want new friends so she's a little rough to new acquaintances. PC and Kelli exchange numbers. Kelli appears smitten. Camille mentions that everyone has Blackberries and that it's very New York. Again, I've seen Blackberries even way out here in the wilds of Washington. Actually, it's mostly iPhone country out here, although I understand that Microsoft employees have to use the official Microsoft phone.

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