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Home (or on Vacation) for the Holidays

It's the holidays, and PC is of the opinion that "no one on the Upper East Side stays in New York." That's a good tip for all you budding cat burglars right there. PC is going to Mexico with his friend JP. He's looking forward to lying down on the beach and not thinking, as he explains to Jessie and Zoe. He's looking forward to not thinking about school or work, which would be more interesting as a plot point if we had seen anyone on this show give more than a cursory mention of school or work to begin with. Anyway, PC's not the only one leaving town; Jessie is going to Palm Beach, and she'll be staying at a hotel she mentions several times by name. I'm going to see if I can resist the product placement. And Zoe is going skiing, but she seems utterly consumed by ennui about the whole thing. Jessie gets up and tells the help to go walk the dog.

Taylor and Camille are at some kind of make-your-own truffle stand, where you can specify your precise mix of dark and milk chocolate. Swanky! Camille is staying in New York "because I've got a lot of studying to do." See, that's why I like Camille; she'll at least mention that school is sort of important. Taylor is going on about Cole and Sebastian, and Camille tries to help her come to a decision by asking probing questions like "Which one is hotter?" and "Which one are you cuter with?" It doesn't help as much as you'd think. Taylor interviews that Camille might not be the best person to help her with this question "because I don't think she'll ever find a guy that she likes." Taylor wants to know what's up with Kelli, who is off in the Hamptons. What? With her parents? That's just crazy. Camille suggests that Taylor, Cole, Sebastian and Kelli all go out, but she's probably just trying to generate some easy entertainment for herself.

Kelli arrives home at her parents' enormous house in West Hampton. I just put the "west" in there because the show told me to. I wouldn't know a Hampton if I tripped over it. We're introduced to Kelli's sister Chelsea, who stays at home because she has cerebral palsy. So "being 16" isn't a good enough reason not to have your own apartment in New York, but "having cerebral palsy" is. Got it! At the family meal, Kelli tells a story about waking up and seeing hardcore porn on the movie channel, then realizes that her parents aren't really enjoying the story. Smooth! And speaking of "smooth", Sebastian will be joining Kelli at the homestead. He says her house is like a museum, and it totally is. It's not fancy enough that they have a billard room, but the pool table felt is yellow. I don't know if you realize this, but it's considered extremely classy to have a pool table with felt in colors other than green.

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