Along Came Jones

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Along Came Jones

In walks the handsome new guy. Helloo, handsome. He speaks to John! That is, he asks for Fancy and gets directed to his office. John cranes his neck watching the new guy go. Don't hurt yourself!

In his office, Fancy's on the phone learning about the DOA off-duty cop. New Guy introduces himself: Baldwin Jones. Good to meet you, Baldwin. Fancy missed the call about Baldwin being transferred over from the Bias Incident Investigations Unit. Hmm. Anyways...

Sip, Ricky and Medavoy come in and fill in some detail on the DOA cop. They're tracking down his wife now. Sip thinks some skel did it. More psychic power, Sip? Fancy introduces Baldwin to everyone. Baldwin tells Sip that Joe Pevelka says hello. Di and Kirky come up, get introduced, and hand over a phoned-in tip about the DOA cop: He was having an affair with his partner. Oh my! Spicy! Sip and Ricky have to interview the wife now, because she probably "won't want to talk with female detectives." Baldwin looks away (to roll his eyes at the sexism, I hope) and Sip's all gruff with him: "Are we boring you?" Well, a little. Fancy pairs Baldwin up with Greg, and Greg starts doing cartwheels. Yay! He's no longer a solo act! That didn't take long.

Back at their desks, Sip and Ricky have a little chat about Baldwin. Sip's figured out that Baldwin's from the Bias Unit: "Every word that comes outta your mouth you'll have to dry-clean. Fruit, chink, wop. Get it all out of your system now." Ricky says he did over his breakfast cereal. Hee.

Medavoy is showing Baldwin his new desk. It used to be Martinez's desk. Aww. Baldwin sits down and Greg says, "Fits you good!" Then Greg, sounding just like Linda Richman in Coffee Talk, starts going off about how he has cousins in Baldwin, Long Island. Baldwin says he was named for the writer, James Baldwin. Ah, says Greg, The Invisible Man! Nope, that's Ralph Ellison, says Baldwin. Greg searches some more in his head and recalls Go Tell it on the Mountain. Baldwin looks impressed until Greg said he remembers the title because his wife took a course and had the book stacked up in a pile on their dresser. Ahem. Baldwin asks if they can get to the police work soon and Greg says yes. Baldwin adds that he likes to be called "D," and Greg says he likes to go by Greg. Okay then. As they leave together, Greg struts out like he's George Jefferson and says "See ya, guys!" to Ricky and Sip. Ricky asks, "Was Greg stylin'?" Uh, NO.

As he and Greg exit, Baldwin SHAKES JOHN'S HAND, introduces himself, and apologizes for not saying hi when he came in. Baldwin was NERVOUS! John, stammering, introduces himself and then collapses in a heap on his desk. A kind gesture for John! It's a banner day!

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