Along Came Jones

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Along Came Jones

Later, in the office locker room, Baldwin is getting ready to go jogging. Greg comes in and starts blabbing about how he got typewriter ribbon on his hands. Geek. Baldwin takes off his shirt and -- oh baby! -- he's built like a brick HOUSE. He's mighty mighty! Letting it all hang out! Greg turns away, dazzled, and says, "You're a growing boy." His eyes work. Then Greg says he feels they "worked good together," and they pat each other. Aww!

As they leave, they run into Fancy, also on his way out. D asks for a moment. On the steps, the two talk. "I caught up with the Lieutenant," namely Baldwin's old boss. Baldwin, all innocent, asks, "Did I have something to do with him not calling?" Aww. No, it's some old, unfinished business between Fancy and the Old Lieutenant. "It was his way of saying that I'm not on the team," says Fancy. Baldwin looks at Fancy like a puppy looks at its new owner and says, "Goodnight." Fancy says they can walk down the stairs together and Baldwin's all like, RIGHT, I forgot, and off they go.

Ricky and Sip are type type typing away at their reports. Ricky wonders who the guy on the 911 call was. They don't know. Then Ricky says, "The new guy is good," and Sip makes fun of his name, saying his mom must have set him up for "a childhood full of fistfights." Wow, that's almost poetic, can I steal that? Then Sip goes, "Baldwin, old Baldwin." What a child.

Then, in walks the lady partner. She's much more subdued now; way less salty. She asks, "Collared up okay?" Yeah. "Nothing's going in..." says Ricky of their DOA Cop report. Sip apologizes if the interview had "a certain tone." Then the lady cop says she feels the DOA Cop was "punished for what I made him do," and Ricky and Sip assure her that the wife bore her no ill will, and neither did her old boyfriend. Then, as she leaves, Sip (in a rare moment of kindness) says, "Sorry for your loss." She pauses, but doesn't acknowledge him. Aww.

Di comes in and asks for a moment with Kirky alone. Whatever you think, they are NEVER going to hook up. So quit it. When alone, Di asks Kirky if there would be any point, knowing the life Don was living, in knowing the details of what horrible thing happened to him. Kirky instantly starts crying and they hug. As Kirky leaves, she leans her head on the doorframe, totally grief stricken. As usual. Now, I know Kirky is sad about this, but can this PLEASE be the end of Don? I NEVER want to hear about this jerk again. THANK YOU. Then there's this whole long moment where Kirky slowly walks over and sits at her desk and is grieving, and Di just leaves the office. The music is very Twin Peaks-y. And that's it! The end of Don, and us ever hearing about it! Whew!

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