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Hospital. Mimi says, "Mr. Sipowicz? The lab results are back." Sip asks for the doctor to "tell us both," meaning Katie too. The doctor starts: "Theo is showing red blood cell maturation arrest." Sip says, "C'mon now." "He's not making enough platelets. The marrow is compromised. We begin to worry about leukemia." Sip freaks out. "The white cell count is almost normal. His marrow could be knocked out by a virus." Sip gets optimistic and says, "He's been sick!" Then, "Don't say you can cure him when you can't. Don't say you can help him when you can't." The doctor says, "With any disease, we should be able to help." Sip yells, "There they go with that double talk again!" The doctor says, "Take Theo home, he'll be a lot happier there." Sip says "Yeah, thanks."

Di's back in the station house. Ricky comes in. "Theo took it like a champ (shout out to the movie he was in?)!" Then, whispering, "That started Frank." Di says she knows Kirky reached out to Don. "They're getting ready to go." Ricky asks, "Her and the kids? All right."

Another detective joins the fray. "Wanna talk in here?" Ricky's not so sure. "Yeah, I was in here all night hooking up microphones to tape recorders." Ricky says, "Humor me," and they talk in another room. Whuh? Ricky says, "I don't want innocent people to get hurt. When is this over. A month?" The detective says, "I'd avoid making secret phone calls and sleeping with anyone's wife." Okaaay. Ricky talks to Baldwin and Medavoy: "Someone could get hurt. A cop and a skel are trying to book." Medavoy asks how he can help. "If he makes it to the house, you call the rat house. A cop from our department is going to be there." Medavoy goes, "Oh."

Fancy watches Di get the phone and suspiciously slip out, saying, "Lost time," to John.

Sip walks into the hospital chapel. There's a deaf guy signing and grunting in the front pew. Sip ahems, but obviously the guy doesn't hear him. Sip sits in the back and the deaf guys signing hands fly in front of Sip's face from time to time. Sip starts out with, "This makes a lot of sense. If what I said about the burial and so forth...it's on me. It's on me. I'm sick of asking! He don't deserve it. He don't deserve to be sick. You prick. None of them deserve it. Prick. If it's me, put it on me, or don't you go the balls. Do what you want. Do what you want. This idiot isn't gonna notice." See what they're doing here? It's very subtle. "Don't let him be sick. I'll do whatever you want. Please, take care of my boy." There's a huge close-up of Sip's face as the deaf guy grunts and signs frantically. Then Sip leaves.

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