Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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Street scenes fly by (there's a bicycle!) until we land in Kirky's living room. She's crying to Di. "I don't want you to think I'm a criminal. I saw him in that crummy place...once I saw how much he hated me and he saw that I saw it? I ran. One day I came home and Kyle said he had been there...Frank's gone. I'm meeting him at five and he's gonna take me and Kyle to meet Frank." Di hugs her as Kirky cries, "You can't do anything! You can't do anything or he'll hurt Frank!" Di says everything is gonna be okay.

Baldwin and Medavoy are in the locker room, getting ready to join the ambush. Baldwin playfully asks how Medavoy's foot is. He's taping it up like a friggin' ballerina. Baldwin tries to spell it out for Medavoy; Don, Denby, and the other cop is Kirky. Medavoy says, "Baldwin, as sensitive as I was about being out of the loop, sometimes I work good need-to-know." Baldwin says, "It's just us talking." Medavoy continues, "If we keep talking, we're gonna talk about who the skel is that Ricky has and what he's going to do to take care of that skel, and what good is that gonna do?" He stands up on his taped foot and says, "This works."

Baldwin goes into Fancy's office, where Fancy is sitting with a very grave look on his face. He says, "I've learned to know the difference between believing in something and needing to believe in it. That's how my life makes sense. If I get hurt or jacked up because I wanted to believe in something, then I was just acting like a kid, or a damn fool." Baldwin says, "I believe I am a part of something." Fancy sends him out, saying, "Okay. Then do what you gotta do."

There's an arial shot of a burnt-out, boarded-up corner house. Everything is in slo-mo. Kirky and Don and their son walk quickly (in slo-mo), and Denby follows, wiping at his nose. Ricky comes up behind him and pulls his gun out, aiming right at Don's head. He takes him into a van. Baldwin throws Denby in another waiting van and Di grabs Kirky and her son and takes off. Ricky points a gun at Don's chest and eavesdrops on his phone conversation. Don makes it sound like everything is normal and arranges for Frank to be met by Kirky. Then, off the phone, he pathetically begs for his life for a while until Ricky, cheeks red and with spittle on his lips, yells, "There's no point in listening to what you say because you will reach out again, cause you're a skel and that's who you are!"

Sip's house. The sad sunset music plays. Katie comes out of Theo's bedroom, saying, "I got him to take a good sip of apple juice. He's so groggy. He took a good sip though." Good Sip. She gets a weird smile on her face and says, "He's all a part of us. It's hard to remember going along. Let's all help each other to remember." Sip says, "Thank you, Katie." She says in return, "Thank you, Andy."

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